Half an hour after the parade, three people fell off the building and died. The police consider it no suspicion

Compilation: Grace, Wenkenney

News Brief

On September 6, within half an hour of the Hong Kong parade, three cases of falling from buildings occurred in Hong Kong, with three deaths. The places where the buildings fell were located at Pengcheng Street in Kowloon City, San Tin Wai Village in Sha Tin and Tai Wo Hau Village in Kwai Chung. The police did not seize the suicide note, but it is believed that the incident is not suspicious.

Editor’s View

The criminal behavior of the Hong Kong Communist Party police became more and more blatant. After more and more cases of falling from buildings, they all declared that there was no suspicion. It can be seen that Hong Kong people falling from buildings for no reason have become a weapon for targeted killings by the CCP. Since the No-Extradition protests broke out in Hong Kong in June last year, the continued violence and deaths from the Hong Kong police to the peaceful protesters have been the CCP’s usual method.

According to the so-called official figures, from June last year to September this year, there were 2,537 cases in which bodies were found or died before or when they were sent to the hospital, including the cases where the cause of death could not be determined at the scene. Until September, 311 cases have been added, many of them are young people, dressed in black, with their hands tied, floating in the sea, abandoned in the woods, or falling from a height. Most of the abnormal deaths announced by the dark police are classified as “Not Suspicious”, but in 2019, the number of abnormal deaths is relatively large among young people, and most of them are people who support the No-Extradition movement.

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5 months ago

ccp must go to hell