The Chinese Communist Party Regime Will be Exterminated by the New Federal State of China and its Four Core Strengths

The New Federal State of China (NFSC), which has grown up in the Whistleblowers’ Movement launched by Miles Guo, represents the resistance force of Populism against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The NFSC has become the sharpest thorn of the Kleptocrats of the high-ranking CCP officials and will eventually eliminate the totalitarian regime. NFSC has four core strengths of eliminating the CCP: rule of law, wisdom to create wealth, awakened individuals, and faith of righteous conscience and social justice.

Background: In 2017, the CCP’s ideological mouthpiece, People’s Daily Online, promoted the so-called four core strengths or strategies facilitating the dictatorship system:  The leadership of the CCP, the people-centered value, the democratic centralism and seeking truth from facts. However, the reality was and has totally been against what the CCP claims to be. The CCP regime launched bloody crackdown on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. House church members were persecuted, and citizens in Tibet and Inner Mongolia have been suppressed and killed. The CCP regime brutally tortured petitioners and anti-demolition people. Far more worse, the CCP authoritarian dictatorship made biochemical virus weapons and delivered to the people of China and the world. All these social facts have proved that the CCP’s four core strengths are just tricks and tools to deceive and fool Chinese people. Adhering to the leadership of the CCP is to destroy humanity, advocating fathers and mothers are not as good as CCP party members. The people-centered value means people are the object and center of being enslaved. The democratic centralism has become a black-box system and tactics of political struggles between Kleptocrats families. Seeking truth from facts signifies the truth matters only when the Kleptocrats’ interests are met. Otherwise, the CCP always fools, insults, and kills people through misinformation, brutal forces, evil schemes, and gangsters.

Key points: In contrast, the NFSC has formed the four core strengths in the process of fighting against the CCP. The rule of law is to adhere to the procedures and standards of British common law and American case laws to destroy the CCP. The wealth created by wisdom is embodied in the G-series enterprises designed and founded by Mr. Guo concerning news media, fashion and finance. The G-series enterprises enable money and capitals transferred beyond geographical constraints and stifle the economic artery maintaining the totalitarian regime. The hundreds of millions fellow-fighters constitute countless individuals who have awakened from the CCP’s dark totalitarianism, representing the people’s will, public opinion, and the mass power for exterminating the CCP. Seeking for righteous conscience and social justice is to rebuild Chinese people’s faith and moral order and foundation through being genuine, good, and boldness.

EvidencesThe latest prosecution document issued from the Department of Justice (detailing the collusion between the high-level CCP officials and the hidden corrupt political and business forces in the United States to repatriate Mr. Guo Wengui) and Hawaii businesswoman Nickie Davis’ guilty pleading shows the fact that the elimination of the CCP in accordance to rule of law has taken effects officially at the state level. The smooth progress of investment and construction projects of the G-series enterprises demonstrates the fear and abandonment of Chinese middle class and definitely leads to the economic collapse of the communist regime. The series of protests against the illegal CCP ruling over July 1st, July 27and August 28th have demonstrated Chinese people’s new image of being awakened and the firm determination to destroy the CCP. The New China Federation’s blue rectangular flag with 49 golden stars with the star of faith as its core embodies the mysterious power of the universe and the Gods to awaken and shelter hundreds of millions fellow-fighters in the Whistleblowers’ Movement to take down the CCP.

Impacts: The four core strengths of the New Federal State of China are like the four demon-killing swords that descend from the sky and emerge from the ground. The global judicial network to eliminate the CCP has merged. Channels to hollow out the CCP’s economy are being built. The people who are determined to destroy the social foundation of the CCP domination have gathered. And the righteous belief in people’s hearts of exterminating the ghost of the CCP has been formed. The date of the CCP’s demise is numbered in the end.

Author:【Voice of Hear】
Editor:【Sunny Little Ant】

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)

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ccp must go to hell

5 months ago

ccp must go to hell

5 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !



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