Hong Kong Police National Security Agency arrests the Vice Chairman of the People Power, Tam Tak Chi

Translated by Wenyou;Reviewed by Wen Kenni

the Vice Chairman of the People Power, Tam Tak Chi

News Brief

It is reported that recently, the Hong Kong police went to the residence of the Vice Chairman of the People Power, Tam Tak Chi, in Tai Po, to conduct a search.

Arrested scene

The police used the National Security Law as the legal basis for the search, according to Tam’s assistant telling “The stand news”. The reason for the search is because of the comments made by Tam Tak-Chi between March and July this year.

Since Tam Tak-chi wrote to his fans in Facebook, that showed the search staff were from Hongkong National Security Bureau, we are afraid Tam Tak-chi would be taken back to the police station for questioning.

Press Reviews

Freedom of the person is the most basic right that constitutes a human being, and it is considered sacred and inviolable in any society where the rule of law prevails. The reason is that personal freedom is a prerequisite for other human rights, without personal freedom, how can there be freedom of speech?

In a society where the rule of law exists, it is true that one can apply to the court for a search warrant to enter one’s home for a specific purpose. The legal basis for the Hong Kong Police to enter and search Tam Tak-Chi’s home today is the “infamous Hong Kong version of the National Security Law”. Under the authorization, the police can carry out any search and have the power to bring individuals to the police station at will for questioning. The implementation of the Hong Kong version of the Chinese National Security Law has sent the Hong Kong society into a complete red terror.

The Hong Kong version of the draconian National Security Law enacted by the Chinese Communist Party today not only removes the legal protection of people’s privacy, but also disregards people’s right to personal freedom. The purpose of the National Security Law is not to benefit the people, but to help the Chinese Communist Party achieve its political goal of dictatorship in Hong Kong, which it calls “one country, two systems”.

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