Scientists: CCP-virus does not look natural

A group of international scientists raised questions about the origin of the CCP-virus in a scientific paper.

Please click to read the paper:

Key points of the paper summarized by @NoWackyScience on Twitter:

A few of the countries & states involved in this publication. Texas, Florida, Michigan, Louisiana, Philadelphia, Austria, Sudan, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Egypt, Switzerland, Jordan…

The shape of the spike protein is unnatural. All other coronaviruses have canyons and this one is flat. This is significant as the valleys are where the sugar shields are locked into. These pockets protect the sugar shields from being attacked by the immune system.

The flat nature of the spike suggests this virus was made in a petri dish or something that didn’t have an immune system. (They strongly imply, but don’t directly say that)

The official name for this is the “canyon hypothesis”

Of the 7 coronaviruses to hop from animal to human, this is the only one that doesn’t fit the “canyon hypothesis” model.

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7 months ago

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7 months ago

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