China’ Threat to the US is Far Worse Than Russia; What’s President Trump’s Next Move Toward China?

During the White House News Briefing on September 4, 2020, President Trump said China was the third largest nuclear country but growing very rapidly. Nevertheless, what China had done was “tragic” and “terrible” on nuclear nonproliferation. He thought  that people “should be talking about much more so than Russia because the things that China is doing are far worse”. He also said he would be taking a look at some numbers and the documents over the next few days, but it was unclear whether the data were about China or whether that would determine his next moves toward China.

Mr. Lude, a highly respected news reporter during the Whistleblower Movement commented on President Trump’s speech in his evening news program on the same day. He boldly predicted that Trumps’ words might be a precursor for the actions his administration was going to take toward China likely happening in the next 15 days.

Read White House’s Full Transcript

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8 months ago

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8 months ago

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