Food crisis: ration shops; eating other people’s leftover food

The Chinese government is cracking down on food waste and promoting frugality and eating leftovers. State-owned ration shops for food are being built. With the rollout of digital currency, the Chinese people are expected to get rationed food supply.

Ration Shop

A voice in this video says: “F*cking impressive. State-run designated food shop. It looks like it is widespread here. It is just pending digital currency and digital food ration.”

Eating leftover

Some of the “trendy” news in China is about eating other people’s leftover food. Both a restaurant owner and a rich man were seen eating other people’s leftover food in restaurants.

On September 1, Wu Aiying, the vice-principal of Gaosha Central Primary School in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi, designed a first lesson for the children: eating the leftovers of the students in front of them in the school cafeteria.

Chinese Netizens’ Comments:

  • Judging from the number of onlookers, it was a staged show for student representatives from multiple classes.
  • In addition, judging from the video taken, the unnaturalness on Teacher Wu’s face is obvious because of the camera.
  • So, this is not a “first lesson” for children, but a school instructional video to be uploaded online.

It is said that this video has been praised by millions of netizens in the past few days, and Teacher Wu, who was standing and eating leftovers, was called a “true teacher”.

“Health is giving way to the political correctness of frugality,” some netizens said eating other people’s leftover was too grose.

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