CCP’s Court Rulings Against Mr. Guo Wengui Show No Rule of Law in China

On September 1, Chinese Communist Party’s Dalian Municipal Intermediate People’s Court issued a Rulings for Enforcement seizing 13 properties owned by Mr. Guo (Miles) Wengui’s family and former employees of Beijing Zhengquan Holdings Co., Ltd.. (See the original court document and English version) This is an enforcement following the Dalian Municipal Court’s judgement on October 8, 2018, that the defendant, Beijing Zhengquan Holdings Co., Ltd., was guilty of “forced trading” and sentenced to a penalty of ¥60 billion RMB, about 8.8 billion in U.S. dollars. 

The significance of this case is that Mr. Guo is a Chinese dissident who leads a “Whistleblower Movement” against the Chinese Communist Party and its totalitarian regime. He is also the founder of the New Federal State of China that runs against the Beijing government which unleashed a pandemic on the world. Apart from the enforcement by the Dalian court, according to Mr. Guo, Beijing court also ruled against his family, making the total number of properties seized on Sep.1 up to 65, causing many of  of Mr. Guo’s family and former employees to be homeless. In the last 3 years, billions of Mr. Guo’s personal assets have been frozen or confiscated by the Chinese government. 

This is only part of CCP’s campaign using a nation’s power to defame and attack Mr. Guo by spreading rumors, threatening his life and imposing retributions on him and his family and friends, since he spoke out against the CCP. 

On August 24, WSJ published New Details Revealed of RNC Fundraiser’s Lobbying for China, an article on a DOJ case (see the case document) about investigations into people paid by the CCP in lobbying the U.S. government to return Mr. Guo to China. WSJ wrote, “in a statement, Mr. Guo said the case ‘is only the tip of a far-ranging campaign the Chinese Communist Party has undertaken utilizing corrupt lawyers, government officials, and so-called lobbyists and political consultants to influence the U.S. government at the highest levels to take action against me.’”

On September 4, 2020, Mr. Guo’s cell phone was hacked allegedly by the CCP with bluetooth traction control technology. Most of the information in the cell phone was deleted or rewrote. Mr. Guo posted on Getter a screen recording of his phone after being hacked. This kind of cyber attack also happened in 2018 when Mr. Guo and his family were on his yacht, and a drone took control of the yacht using the same technology. 

In early 2020, Mr. Guo founded a media company,, in America. The CCP allegedly conspired with some international financial institutes and banks to stop investors from transferring money to GTV without any legitimate reasons, causing many to lose the chance of investment. 

The CCP also gathered a group of trained people paid to slander and threaten Mr. Guo both on social medias and in person, saying Mr. Guo was a lier, a raper, a double agent, a fugitive, a loser, etc., and threatening to kill him and his fellow workers. Many of the “Whistleblower Movement” and their families and friends in China were threatened by the CCP as well. (see Gnews Hong Zeng, a Fake Democracy Activist, Was Sued For Threatening and Slandering Crime)

On July 7, Mr. Guo’s office received a parcel containing poisonous pills in vitamin supplement bottles. 

All of Mr. Guo’s information, including name, personal data, live broadcasts, pictures, news coverage, etc., has been heavily censored and blocked in China. Even some pop songs sang by him were blocked and taken away from music apps. (see Gnews Anti-CCP Songs Censored and Blocked Around the World after Gone Viral) People who didn’t know him, but talked about the “Whistleblow Movement” got arrested, the so-called “being invited by the police to have tea”. And many of Mr. Guo’s family and friends have been put to prison and tortured. 

These are only part of the CCP’s malign campaign against Chinese people who call for justice and rule of law in China. If they can do this to Mr. Guo, they may do it to anyone. In China, the CCP controls the legislation, the jurisdiction and the executive all in one. It’s merely “rule of the Party”. They can do whatever they want without any supervision or constraint. They control the Chinese people with a highly centered power, a firewall and decades of lies and brutality. Now they are spreading their power and influence to other countries using money and the weakness and loopholes in their systems to gain what they want from the world. The Chinese people, especially the New Federal State of China, are speaking up and fighting against the CCP. They believe in justice and faith, as they always say “Everything has begun! “.

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