Miles Guo: Trouble is brewing for the CCP

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama   Seamoon

On September 1, 2020, Miles Guo broadcast on GTV sharing his thoughts on the situation in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and most importantly, what is happening in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

Inner Mongolia

“In the past few days, a widespread protest broke out in the ethnic Mongol communities in northern China. They are worrying about losing their unique nationality identity, because the CCP authorities planned to force the elementary and middle school classes to be taught mainly in Chinese.

To date, many children in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China have been locked up in schools by the CCP authorities. A few years ago, I warned the world that the CCP wanted to control the earth. Looking at what is happening in Xinjiang, the West, Taiwan, the United States, Europe and Africa, the goals of CCP and Hitler are exactly the same: to stimulate the economy and make it grow wildly, accelerate nationalism, create the human devil philosophy, turn a thousand lies into the truth, and manufacture movies and use propaganda to brainwash their people. The Mongolian people should not kneel down or beg for mercy in front of the CCP. Your resistance will be rewarded in the long run, and you will gain your dignity and respect in front of the world.

We have initiated a special campaign about China’s Inner Mongolian resistance and protests in the West to make people widely aware of this development. Please watch the real-time news and videos of what is going on in Inner Mongolia and put these on GTV and GNEWS immediately and translate these in English at the same time. We will reveal the situation in Inner Mongolia, the crisis in Hong Kong, the Double Dragon Project for Taiwan (the CCP secret plan to take over Taiwan and Hong Kong), and Xinjiang and Tibet. We will let the world observe the madness and evil of the CCP. “The CCP is running to hell in madness with light speed. This is not an exaggeration.” We need to take Action! Action! Action!”

——— Miles Guo

The CCP’s dying kick

“The CCP foreign minister Wang Yi was severely humiliated during his visit to Europe. France made it clear to him, that the CCP needed to prepare for the worst, as France would not be able to go back to the honeymoon with China anymore. They warned Wang Yi that he had to be careful when he visited other European countries during this trip. If he would not be careful about what he said, he would cause serious trouble. Our Whistleblower Movement was the first to announce that Wang Yi was browbeaten in Europe. Wang Yi was still showing off and bullying the Europeans, just like the other CCP proxy clowns do in the U.S.”

——— Miles Guo

The Czech Republic

“I said a year ago that many European countries would send their delegates to visit Taiwan publicly. The Czech Republic delegation is currently visiting Taiwan. They will definitely stand together to destroy the CCP.”

——— Miles Guo


“Our GTV media must become a bridge between China and the Western media, so that the Chinese people can freely express the truth through our platform.”

——— Miles Guo

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