Miles Guo – CCP has hidden more than 20 trillion dollars in Europe

Author: 老姜

Editor: BigMama

“In my interview today with our Whistleblower Movement followers in Munich, Germany, I told them that someone from Switzerland contacted me two days ago. He revealed that the money and assets the CCP high ranking officials and their families had transferred and hidden in Swiss banks exceeded the original estimate of 20 trillion U.S. dollars.

These thugs opened more than 60,000 bank accounts in countries like Germany, France, Britain, and Belgium. This was done in the following three stages:

  • From April, May, June to July in 1989.
  • Before and after the 1999-2001 Olympic Games and when China joined the WTO,
  • In 2008, during the time when the CCP was desperately printing currencies in China to deal with the world financial crisis.

The money they embezzled from China and transferred overseas, basically has not been touched yet. In the future, when the CCP is gone, this money and assets will be returned to the new China, the Chinese people, through a third party organization recognized by international law, like us, the New Federal State of China.

Please bear in mind, the reason that hidden wealth, embezzled by the CCP from the Chinese people, can get transferred abroad is because the CCP controllers thought that they were in danger of being overthrown by their people. Thus they had to prepare for the worst by leaving a way for themselves and their descendants to survive in the future. Unfortunately, due to various factors at home and abroad, the forces of justice in the world have repeatedly missed the best opportunities and failed to oust them. Now the CCP is doing great harm to the world. What a painful lesson!”

——— Miles Guo

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