Explained: Hatred Against Chinese in South Africa

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On August 24, 2020, the Communists’ Embassy of China in South Africa responded to violent crimes against Chinese nationals. Murders, robberies, and kidnappings against the Chinese were on the rise. Communist officials claimed that seven Chinese citizens were killed within the last fifty days.

The Communists’ Embassy believed the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to such violence. The virus has caused high unemployment and jeopardized social stability. Locals blamed the Chinese for the wrongdoing of the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP). Despite the obvious, there is much more behind this rising hatred against the Chinese.

China is Africa’s largest trade partner and has invested more than sixty billion dollars on the continent. Yet, relationships between African people and Chinese people are in decline. China is the largest trade partner. It is one of the most prominent investors for South Africa. Most exports from South Africa to China are raw materials. The growing trade deficit with China led residents to blame Chinese for unemployment.

Africa is an integral piece of the CCP’s “One Belt One Road” initiative. The CCP aims to exploit raw materials from Africa to sustain its rapid economic expansion. The African market is critical leverage to maintain excessive manufacturing capabilities. Like the European colonists, the Communist Party recognized the geographic significance of Africa. The projection of communists’ geopolitical hegemony reinforces their challenges against the western powers.

In 2006, Beijing unveiled its strategy on Africa in a whitepaper. It marketed “Sincerity, Friendship and Equality” as the pillars of its African activities. Yet, this rhetoric contradicted reality. Under the CCP influence, Chinese agencies exploited business opportunities through bribery. In 2018, the U.S. court convicted a former HK official, Patrick Ho, connected to state-owned China Energy Company. The jury found Ho guilty of bribing Uganda and Chad’s government officials for unfair business advantages (Esimai).

Further, the CCP-controlled Export-Import Bank entrapped nations with capital investment on infrastructure projects. In 2017, its 3.6 billion loans on the Nairobi-Mombasa railway caused Kenya’s debt level to be 150% higher than its domestic GDP (Freytas-Tamura). In 1971, African nations contributed one-third of the total votes to expel the United Nation’s founding member: the Republic of China. Meanwhile, two decades of investment blitz laid the framework of extensive surveillance on Africa for the communists (Meservey Government Buildings in Africa Are a Likely Vector for Chinese Spying ). Le Monde discovered Huawei servers were uploading contents from the African Union to Shanghai daily. The African union later found hidden listening devices throughout its headquarter (Tilouine).

CCP’s predatory behaviors sabotage the fragile African political landscape. It fuels hatred against overseas Chinese. At the expense of both ordinary Africans and Chinese people, these activities served the Communist Party’s interest (Meservey Chinese Corruption in Africa Undermines Beijing’s Rhetoric About Friendship with the Continent). It is imperative to distinguish Chinese people from the CCP. The CCP is holding 1.4 billion Chinese against the world. Chinese are also victims of the CCP. And this time, overseas Chinese have decided “enough was enough!” (To read more of actions of global anti-CCP actions, click here)

【Author】 Randy Young;【 Editor】 Levy Littles, Dylan King


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