DOJ-Indictment & leak from Ratcliffe’s congressional briefings

According to the Lude Show aired on Aug 30, there is a link between the Chinese Communist Party’s meddling of the US election and the alleged leaks in Congressional intelligence briefings.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said that the in-person congressional briefings had to end to prevent leaks.

  • The DOJ-Indictment shows how far the CCP has gone to extradite Chinese dissident Miles Guo, who possesses crucial evidence to incriminate the CCP and has volunteered to be a “bait” to expose the CCP-colluders in the US.
  • As the US presidential election draws near, the CCP is mobilizing all the forces to stop President Trump from getting reelected.
  • The DOJ-Indictment has revealed that certain White House staff, who was later fired, was comprised by the CCP. Similarly, the congressional briefing leaks showed that the US Congress is not immune to the CCP’s infiltration.
  • The DOJ-Indictment only covers a small portion of the CCP’s infiltration in the US government.
  • Lude Show hinted that even the Fox News Interview with Ratcliffe was a buildup to retribution.

China is the greatest threat the US is facing

“China wants to sit at the head of the table. China has a plan, through the Belt and Road Initiative, the made-in-China Initiative, the Thousand Talents program, military-civil fusion laws that require companies to spy for the government through 5G and Huawei, all of that is design to challenge U.S. superiority in every respect, and to sit at the head of the table, and really set the rules and standards and norms for international — in the international marketplace,” warned Ratcliffe in an interview on Fox News.

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5 months ago

God make ccp to die, ccp is an evil

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take down ccp