Citizen Ticketed by HK Police for Gathering Ban Violation at Hospital’s Emergency Room

The Stand News confirmed from various sources an HK citizen was organizing a street booth where the police accused her of violating the gathering ban. The citizen who was unwell was sent to the United Christian Hospital and ticketed by the police at the Emergency Room (ER) there.

The Hospital Authority confirmed that the patient involved was escorted to the ER by the police. Legislator pointed out that the police has distorted the actual aim of the anti-pandemic ordinance and that such enforcement caused impact to the operation of the hospital.

According to Golden Forum Facebook page, the citizen was targetted and followed by the police even at the hospital to treat her ashma condition. The citizen received a 599G ticket and the location was indicated “Bed No. 13 of the United Christian Hospital’s Emergency Room”.

Source: Stand News

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5 months ago

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6 months ago

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