The CCP and Covid-19(2)

Translator: Shizi

Since 2017, Mr.Guo has been exposing internal/classified information which he collected over the past 30 years about CCP, went out of his way reaching out to countries, trying to warn everyone, to open people’s eyes to see the truth: the CCP IS THE WORST OF ALL THREATS TO THE WORLD! Somehow, like it was meant to be, Dr. Yan has reached out to one of Mr. Guo’s strongest allies, known as “Mr. Lu De”. After hours and hours of patient explaining, Dr. Yan managed to help LuDe, who knew absolutely nothing about biology or viruses, finally understood the science behind Covid-19. On Jan.19th 2020, Mr. LuDe, as the first and only one, announced through his independent-media chancel: There’s a deadly Coronavirus secretly spreading from Wuhan, China! Ever since then, activists with the revolution have been dedicating to follow and collect more reliable/valuable intelligence to keep the public informed.

As a matter of fact, on Dec.30th 2019, an ophthalmic surgeon(eye-doctor) Li Wenliang from Wuhan Central Hospital already noticed cases with symptoms similar to SARS. He has been discussing the incidents with coworkers and warning peers to be cautious. Because of these small talks, Dr. Li received a strict warning from the local police station accusing him of “publishing false statements on the internet”. Dr. Li had no choice but to stay quiet. Whistleblowers’ voices are certainly muted.

On Dec.31st 2019, Taiwan reported information they collected about coronavirus to WHO and sent a notice to China that Taiwan government already learned about this respiratory disease in Wuhan; also expressing concerns about infections between people. WHO’s response after receiving the reports: Received. That was it. If matters were taken care of without delay, 95% of damages could’ve been avoided. The world was losing precious time against the Covid19 breakout. WHO simply became CCP’s public messenger. Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of WHO, jokingly named “secretary Tan” got blown out thanks to LuDe blowing the whistle from America. On Jan.23rd 2020, LuDe took a chance and discussed coronavirus with Steve K. Bannon during the Rule of Law Foundation meeting.

Who is Steve Bannon? He used to be the chief executive officer of President Trump’s 2016 presidential bid; following Trump’s victory, Bannon was appointed Chief Strategist in the Trump administration; then left the position in 2017 rejoining Breitbart News. Mr. Bannon was shocked by these breaking news from LuDe, also had hundreds of questions: Where did the virus come from? Who’s behind this? What are their motives? Why are they(CCP) killing their own citizens? After a few deep breaths, Bannon made his call to the White House…Unexpected exposure forced out CCP’s secrets, but not hiding doesn’t mean telling the truths. On the contrary, 4 hours after LuDe’s coronavirus announcement, CCP finally had to make an official statement admitting the Covid19 breakout is happening; however, according to CCP “it’s preventable and under control.” Apparently the situation had turned into a world pandemic since then. On Jan.23rd 2020, CCP had to put Wuhan under mandatory quarantine.

Meanwhile, CCP created a series of false scripts to spread through the mass media under their control. With CCP’s full-blown repetitive media propaganda, the majority of Chinese people inside the ‘firewall” started to believe the lies and false stories. However, there’s only one truth. The followings are some of CCP’s self-contradicting story versions. Which one is real?

Story one: According to Xinhua News on Jan.26th, the virus came from wet markets. Journalists learned from China CDC that there has been some success tracing origin of coronavirus. Out of 585 samples taken from Wuhan Huanan wet market, 33 samples were tested positive with coronavirus’s nucleic acid and successfully extracted virus under a tested positive environment. All evidence pointed this coronavirus originated from wild animals sold from HuaNan wet market.

Story two: Covid19 originated from bats. Chinese Academy of Science and Wuhan P4 Lab researchers released an article on British magazine 《Nature》that they’ve discovered a strand of coronavirus (TG13) from bats that are also found in Covid19 and the genetic sequence has 96% coherence. TG13 is so far the virus stands closest to Covid19, indicating bats are most likely a host of Covid19 out in nature.

Story Three: Covid19 came from pangolin. Coronavirus carried by pangolin has a similar genetic sequence, especially the cell receptor binding domain; which indicates during Covid19’s evaluation process, TG13 may very likely have been mixed and matched with coronavirus carried by pangolins.

Story Four: Covid19 actually originated from Wuhan P4 Lab. But it was an accidental leakage. During the early stage of the breakout, CCP swore that Covid19 came from one of those wild animals listed above, then spread and infected human beings. CCP scientists repeatedly stress that the virus came from animals to humans; total “BS”. Proved nonsense. That’s why they had to take a step back and admit that Covid19 actually got leaked from Wuhan P4 Lab “by accident” of course; wasn’t released on purpose and “definitely not a bio-chemical weapon”.

Story Five: Covid19 came from American soldiers. The stories listed above about how Covid19 originated from wild animals can very well work to fool civilians who know nothing about science, but those lies are total nonsense in front of an expert like Dr. Limeng Yan. CCP knows the previous lies won’t be able to stand, and here comes the newest version and by far the most hilarious: Covid19 is non-organic, basically synthesized by someone in labs, by that “someone”, CCP meant Americans! “US soldiers carried Covid19 over to Wuhan, China, during the October 2019 Military World Games! CCP spokesperson Zhao Lijian officially tweeted on Mar.12th 2020: “…It might be US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! The US owes us an explanation!” (“Ohhhh My God” I was personally SHOCKED back when I saw the tweet…) This might as well be historically one of the most disgusting false accusations. Because of Covid19, Americans not only lost thousands of lives, but also millions of Americans lost their jobs, their houses…now accused of releasing biochemical weapons and weaseling out?

Nobody is that easily fooled and we all know the truth, the CCP has to pay.

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ccp virus make people to die, take down ccp

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take down ccp

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The master architect of disaster was CCP.

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !



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