1st Anniversary of HK Way: Human Chain in Support of HK Continues in Japan

On 23 August 2019, Hongkongers formed a 60km- human chain connecting different districts on Hong Kong island, in Kowloon and the New Territories, to express the 5 democratic demands.

Credit to StandNews

The event paid tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way that took place across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1989.

Credit to StandNews

On 23 August 2020, commemorating the 1st anniversary of Hong Kong Way, around 50 Hongkongers and Japanese formed a human chain on the street of Tokyo.

Credit to StandNews

The flag of “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolutions of Our Times” was waved to support Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.

Credit to StandNews

A drawing portraying a gigiantic banner “we fucking love Hong Kong” that had appeared in Hong Kong protest scene was also shown.

Source: Stand News

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