Miles Guo – The DOJ uncovers huge political scandal

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On August 22, 2020, Miles Guo was invited to the broadcast of G-Translators on GTV. He highlighted the importance of the DOJ indictment, shared information on the internal chaos of the CCP and discussed issues related to Taiwan. 

DOJ Indictment 

“The highlights of the major DOJ indictment released on Aug 20, 2020: 

  • First, these documents containing national-level judicial rulings and decisive criminal charges were signed on the same day that Steve Bannon was arrested. This is a fundamental manifestation of cooperation between the dark forces in both China and the U.S. 
  • Second, the document involves Chinese President Xi Jinping, Vice President Wang Qishan, former CCP secret police chief, Sun Lijun, and his boss, Meng Jianzhu. The document does not fully reveal the whole story on paper. This is part of the unrestricted warfare strategy launched by the CCP and its proxy agents in the U.S. legal system, politics, media, and the espionage systems between the CCP and the United States. 
  • Third, more than 20 people in the U.S. have been arrested. Persons from the U.S. Intelligence circle, Department of Justice, public relations, Wall Street, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are involved. 

It will become the largest political scandal in the history of the United States.”

——— Miles Guo 

The Whistleblower Movement 

“Our Whistleblower Movement has gone from a civilian revolution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to a true ally of the U.S. and Western governments to officially eliminate the CCP.

Yang Jiechi, the Politburo member and director of the Office of Foreign Affairs, paid a national visit to Spain, trying to repatriate the famous Chinese dissidents, Hao Haidong (the famous former China soccer star), and his wife, Ye Zhaoyin (the famous former World Badminton Champion). Mr. Yang’s proposal really annoyed the Spanish authorities. Not only did they reject this request in the first place, but also stated that their government can send troops to protect these two persons if necessary. The Spanish side sent a letter to me to assure me of this development.”

——— Miles Guo 

Internal Political Conflicts of the CCP 

“On August13, led by the Shanghai Gang, the loyalists from former President Jiang Zeming and Vice President, Zeng Qinghong, the Shanghai Ministry of Justice and the garrison attempted a coup against President Xi Jinping and Vice President, Wang Qishan and the key family members of their followers. The coup plot was revealed in advance and failed. As a result, between almost 2,000 persons were arrested from the Shanghai District Attorney’s office, courts system, main police offices, and the state-owned media. There will be more people arrested from the Shanghai Trust and the Shanghai Bank. Once President Xi started this war against former Vice President Zeng, no one will be able to stop this bloody internal conflict, until one side has been completely defeated.The best assessment is that the elimination of the CCP will happen by the end of this year or the end of next year. It can be delayed by unexpected incidents for another two to three years. 

Our Whistleblower Movement shall accommodate doubts and dissent internally and externally. It is not difficult for China to achieve democracy. There may not be a fast result as we expected, but rather, it might be achieved by a process.According to our insider intelligence, the CCP leaders read all our GNews reference reports daily. Their family members watch our GTV programs quite often. Our GNews key reports shall focus on China’s domestic current news, the upcoming food crisis, pandemic, Hong Kong crisis and follow-ups on the big floods and its impact, and the CCP political infighting.”

——— Miles Guo 


“The risk that CCP will use military power to attack Taiwan is due to the CCP’s current natural and man-made disasters in China, the CCP dictatorship and its political infighting. Their so called “Double Dragon Project” is a secret operation to control both Hong Kong and Taiwan. All the past wars launched by the CCP were only for the benefit of their internal political struggles. If there is a war in the Taiwan Strait, it will be a nightmare for the 23 million inhabitants of Taiwan.

After the recent visit of U.S. representatives to Taiwan, the military experts assessed that Taiwan politicians had an ambiguous attitude, weak determination to defend themselves, and were untrustworthy. Although the CCP’s military plan against Taiwan will only allow the CCP to continue for a few more years, we will continue to promote Taiwan to the U.S. government to prevent the risk of such war as we do not want to sacrifice the people of Taiwan and the people in mainland China.”

——— Miles Guo 

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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