The CCP and Covid-19(1)

Translator: Shizi

2020 was bound to be historical. While families in China were prepping to celebrate their most important annual holiday, the Spring Festival, none of them could anticipate another vicious cycle of “Year of Geng-Zi” is yet to come. Tracing back the timeline to 1900, the “Eight-Nation Alliance” invasion; 1960, the Great Famine; 1840, the First Opium War…and now 2020, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government has induced another alliance against China: “Eighty-Nation alliance” instead of eight!

Hubei Province, Wuhan City, a major city sits in the middle of China connecting nine provinces. People of Wuhan, represented by their reverberant voice, hustling through another year of ordinary livelihood and looking forward to finally have a break to celebrate and enjoy Spring Festival. Baibuting Pavilion, Wanjia Banquet, vainglorious small talks in the freezing air, vibrant excitements under the sunset. They never saw it coming: a cytokinetic bio-attack is about to storm the globe starting with WuHan; hence, a horrendous virus called Covid19 came to life!

From just a few cases of infection at the beginning to the facts we all learned later on…The Chinese Communist party government’s only priority strategy “against” the virus is: cover it up! As always, block the news, conceal all information, wait until the Spring Festival pass, hide it for as long as possible! The CCP, manipulators behind the scene watching their grant devious plan in work …until, their classified information leaked to Hong Kong University’s Public Health School’s P3 laboratory, a lab focusing on viruses and bio-chemicals, also an affiliated lab and interface location of the World Health Organization (WHO). P3 lab employees include the world-leading coronavirus scientist Dr. Leo Poon, WHO consultant Dr. Malik Peiris, also Dr. Limeng Yan with double medical/ biology doctoral. Dr.Yan’s husband works as Dr. Leo Poon’s personal assistant.

In Feb.2019, Dr. Mengli Yan was discreetly sent to WuHan to investigate a P4 Virus Lab which is in fact under the control of the Chinese Communist Military. As a matter of fact, the P3 Lab of Hong Kong University is one of the fewer ways for the WHO to somewhat monitor Wuhan P4 lab technically at least. This young Dr. Yan from Qingdao, China, is the only legal representative and bridge of communication between WHO and CCP officials.

Dr. Yan contacted her connections through the local hospital and government and found out about this virus spread situation very similar to SARS in 2003; however, severer than SARS. Thus, Dr. Yan reported back to Dr. Poon and Dr. Peiris at Hong Kong P3 Lab about the Coronavirus break out. Unfortunately, she was strictly warned to “Shut up! Do not cross the red line!” Under the CCP’s despotic dictatorship, some getting used to it, some gave in, and some even aided CCP’s wickedness: WHO, NIH, Lancet Journal, Gates Foundation, Wall Street, scientists, even some US intelligent departments, government officials, and members of Congress…all held “captive” in CCP’s pocket. However, Dr. Yan decided to be one of the courageous exception: Truth must be told! The world has to know! Save humanity!

Under the ricks of being detained, vanished/wiped out or other imaginable consequences, Dr.Yan made the most difficult step of her life: exposing the truths through a just US media. But we wonder, who is the justiciable US media? CNN? New York Times? Wall Street Journal? Or Tweeter, Facebook, Google? In fact, not just the US, a huge portion of western media has been “bought” by this Red Communist power in Asia, CCP. This situation is historically unprecedented. It’s hard to imagine that the Voice of America (VOA) under the US government has been deeply infiltrated. No wonder President Trump has been accusing those media of reporting fake news!

Dr. Limeng Yan chose the group of revolutionists that CCP’s most afraid of to break the truths with. This group of activists affiliated with a well-known name: Guo Wengui! CCP has been atrociously pulling strings through Interpol to send out “Interpol Red Notice” to arrest (Miles)Guo Wengui. Mr. Guo has been tactfully and patiently preparing for 30 years just so he could be here today leading us toward destroying the “mighty” CCP. While the world’s been unaware of CCP’s nefarious threat, this Chinese billionaire with a sense of justice is trying everything in his power to wake up the world from ignorance. Guo Wengui’s appearance along with the whistleblowermovement he leads has greatly impacted the world and certainly terrifies Zhongnanhai (Headquarter of CCP’s central government).

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ccp virus make people to die, take down ccp

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take down ccp

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !



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