Public opinion: a large majority of 76% Hong Kong citizens reject “Health Code”

Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI) conducted an online poll “We Hongkonger Survey” from August 17 to 20, collecting citizens’ view on the government’s proposal to introduce “Health Code” in Hong Kong as a screening mechanism for only the “healthy one” to enter eateries, shopping malls and other public places.

Among 23,000 respondents, a large majority of 76% rejected the proposal while only 15% showed support and 8% claimed neutrL.

Analyzing based on respondents claimed political orientation, 96% of pro-democracy respondents (sample size: 21,345) rejected the proposal, 1% supported while 3% were neutral. Among the remaining sample of 1,700 non-democracy supporters (including pro-establishments, the moderates, and those without political orientation, apolitical and not belong to any political camp), over half of them (55%) rejected the proposal while 29% supported and 13% claimed neutral.

Source: Stand News

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