The Media Storm Behind Bannon’s Arrest

Is Bannon’s arrest a signal to all anti-communism activists? The Chinese Communist Party continues to benefit from partisan divide within the U.S..

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A media storm swept across the United States and Communist China on August 20th. The U.S. Attorney’s office of Southern District New York mobilized federal postal police to arrest Mr. Steven Bannon. Bannon was a renowned figure in the fight against the Chinese Communist Party. The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a press release through twitter about key members of the “We Build the Wall” organization. They allegedly defrauded their donors for personal benefits.

The news spread all over the CCP influenced media outlets, despite its being way passed on their regular bedtime. The intensive media coverage from Communist-controlled platforms triggered a series of curiosities.

Timeline of Bannon News on August 20th

(09:42 am pacific standard time is 9:42 pm in Beijing)

Bannon dedicated his time to War Room Pandemic. The show demanded truths behind the COVID-19 virus and called for public awareness on the actual color of the CCP. As a response, China Daily referred Mr. Bannon as an “insane far-right demagogue” in May.

Right after the initial press release at 9:27 am PST, far-left media like CNN and MSNBC launched the first topic circulation. Pro-Communist media Bloomberg quickly joined the bandwagon. At 9:38 am PST, CNBC news posted “Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon arrested on charges of defrauding donors in a fundraising scheme.” Four minutes later (at 9:42 am PST), CCP media’s articles cited CNBC.  Their reports included extended text and picture/video content.

“China speed” once again impressed the world after its extensive propaganda on pandemic controls. Sina Finance cited Global Times at the same time when Global Times made its publication (9: 42 am PST). Sina News Center posted another article referencing China Daily exactly at 9:42 am PST. Communist influenced agencies were famous for complex administrative review practice and self-censorship. It revealed sophisticated collaborations between Sina Finance and agencies under direct CCP leadership.

There were few logical explanations for the communist agencies’ high level of coordination with CNBC. CNBC could have tipped off the communist agencies before the news release. Nonetheless, Such practice was sporadic in western media history.

Bannon also served as a board member on GTV Media Group. Miles Guo, the founder of GTV Media, announced after the postal police took Bannon from Guo’s yacht. Mr. Bannon would no longer serve as a board member. Guo further elaborated his knowledge on Bannon’s indictment here.

It remained unclear if the timing of Bannon’s indictment was politically motivated. It would be chilling if the communists extended their unrestricted warfare into the U.S. legal system. Meanwhile, CCP continued to enjoy the ongoing fights between Republican and Democratic parties.

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ccp must go to hell

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The CCP takes no time to publish Bannon’s news. who fed them ahead of time?

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take down ccp

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