Miles: Shanghai bridge on fire ahead of CCP internal showdown

Chinese dissident Miles Guo shared a short video on his Getter via G-TV ( with the following comment: “Aug 19, the Fengpu Bridge in Shanghai is on fire… too sensitive.”

Miles has stated in a Getter post earlier on Wednesday that Aug 21 would be an important day. He was hoping that some particular incidents which could happen on Aug 21 would not occur, but he did not provide further details. “The chance for it to happen is only one in a hundred million,” he said.

(Update on Aug 21: Miles Guo said that he foresaw two events to occur around Aug 21: one was related to Steve Bannon, the other could be a catastrophe in China.)

Due to growing internal & external pressures, the CCP’s power struggle is like a volcano that can erupt at any time

Miles said that the chance for Shanghai’s “political revolution” to happen was also one in a hundred million. He was referring to a failed coup against Xi Jinping on Aug 13. But actions were taken by some people within the CCP and it was quite significant. On Aug 20, Miles said the coup on Aug 13 almost took out Xi.

“I believe that Aug 31 would be a day to bring about a big change to China’s political landscape,” Miles said. It is not only a political struggle between the Beijing Gang (Xi Jinping & Wang Qishan) and the Shanghai Gang (Zeng Qinghong & Jiang Zeming) but more importantly also a wakeup call for many CCP members. Otherwise, the CCP victims will have to jump off a building.

(Note: At this point, it is not clear whether Miles was actually referring to the coup on Aug 13 or a future event on Aug 31.)

The CCP officials are facing high risks. Many committed suicide by jumping from buildings. Gong Daoan, deputy mayor of Shanghai Municipality and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, was just arrested.

Miles was quite optimistic about bringing down the CCP through a global anti-CCP coalition.

Explosion on a bridge in Shanghai

A man could be heard in the video speaking in Shanghai dialect: “Something happened to the Fengpu Bridge with an explosion. The explosion just occurred. It burst into flames immediately.”

The Fengpu Bridge is one of several bridges that crosses the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Completed in 1995, this bridge links the S4 Shanghai–Jinshan Expressway between Minhang District to the north and Fengxian District to the south. It currently carries two lanes of the expressway in each direction.

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ccp must go to hell

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take down ccp

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Get it wiped out from the planet

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
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