“Why G-Series Market Potential Is Invaluable”

Mr. Miles Guo discussed the G-Series (G-Coin, G-Dollar, G-Fashion, etc.) in his August 9 livecast. The G-Series is an unprecedented currency system that has the abilities to be pegged to both gold and the US dollar (i.e. elements of both cryptocurrency & stable currency). Silicon Valley is key in securing G-Series technology’s supremacy in order to bullet-proof the system against money laundering and cyberattacks. Unlike any other prominent companies’ pre-IPO offerings, Mr. Guo has designed this system to benefit the grassroot WM BIAs with financial rewards and a bright future.

The US tech companies are good at markets development, and software technology and application. However, their growth has been stalled by relying on the ad revenue profitability model. The CCP’s tech giants (BAT, Baidu/Alibaba/Tencent) are mediocre with technology development but with the market financialization, “copying” the US counterparts’ technology, they are able to turn China’s internet sector from 3 trillion into 12 trillion which includes derivatives from their financial arms.

With G-series’ fast-growing global recognition and alliance, it is geared towards liberating the China’s market currently besieged by the CCP, together with the integration from other markets, advanced high-tech, and human resources worldwide, the G-Series’ market potential is invaluable.

Translator:【RD16】Subtitle:【Naomi (文花开)】Editor :【JoyJoy】

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8 months ago

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