Money & murder: CCP’s dark force in Silicon Vally; angel investor Neil Shen unmasked

On Aug 10th, Miles Guo told friends of the Whistleblower Movement at Silicon Valley that the real boss and mastermind behind all the Chinese high-tech companies is Neil Shen, who is the Founding Managing Partner of Sequoia Capital China.

Shen is one of the key persons who plotted Zhang Shoucheng’s death. The Chinese Communist Party wants to fully control the Chinese scientists in Silicon Valley with money and murder.

Neil Shen

Shen is the real boss in terms of financial, political, and technical prowess

Shen’s Sequoia Capital controls almost half of the Chinese internet companies. Jack Ma (also known as Ma Yun), the founder of Alibaba, becomes worthless in comparison to Shen. In China, everything is driven by political goals. Alibaba’s Jack Ma is merely one of the Communist Party’s mistresses. Tencent’s Ma Huateng is a semi-politician, a little bit better than Jack Ma. But Neil Shen is a full-politician.

According to Forbes (

  • Neil Shen is the founding and managing partner of Sequoia Capital China. 
  • Shen reached the top position on the Midas List of the world’s best venture capital investors in 2018 after Ppdai Group went public in November 2017.
  • Shen was a successful entrepreneur himself earlier on in his career, cofounding travel site before joining Sequoia. 
  • Shen had previously worked as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank Hong Kong, Chemical Bank, Lehman Brothers, and Citibank.
  • Shen made Forbes list of the world’s “100 Greatest Living Business Minds” in 2017.
  • Shen’s net worth is 1.6 billion USD as of Aug 17, 2020

Neil Shen has built a vast network in the US, giving him substantial influence on the American government even though he still holds a Chinese passport.

Shen is so powerful that CEOs like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and tycoons from Hong Kong had to remain humbly quiet in Shen’s presence because Shen is the real “God Father” of internet companies. He represents the CPC Central Committee wherever he appears. Even Masayoshi Son, the famous Japanese investor and entrepreneur, respected Shen as a leading investor.

Unrestricted warfare: CCP’s dark force in Silicon Vally

Zhang Shoucheng (in the picture above) brought about his own demise because he got too close to Shen. Shen counted on Zhang for CCP’s dominations in cutting edge technologies including quantum computing and blockchain, as part of the CCP’s long term plan to surpass and defeat the US.

The CCP’s reckless infiltration and evil assassinations carried out in Silicon Valley is not a conventional war but an “unrestricted warfare”:

  • murder without a trace
  • take away technology without a trace
  • make victim’s family members vanish without a trace
  • make victims sick
  • steal technology without a trace

Besides Zhang Shoucheng, there have been other Chinese scientists who died mysteriously in the past 30 years.

Nine out eleven of the most powerful families in the US invested in Sequoia Capital. Most of the successful Chinese internet companies were blessed by Neil Shen.

According to a witness who went to a seminar hosted by Zhang Shoucheng six weeks before his alleged suicide, Zhang appeared very energetic and optimistic.

Miles Guo said that Zhang was devastated by the “bad news” from the CCP about eight or nine days before his “suicide”. He was given two choices after he was investigated by the FBI: end his own life or let the CCP provide him with an alternative.

Zhang chose the latter because he did not want to die. But he was thrown off a building. He died in the same way as HNA’ Wang Jian did, who was thrown off a stone wall in Provence, France.

Miles asked his audience to check how many Chinese have died unnaturally in Silicon Valley and how many Chinese have been banned from returning to the US because of their academic achievements.

Miles provided another example of CCP’s murder in Silicon Valley. In 2003, a Chinese national from the intelligence department in Shandong province, whose last name was Cao, fell to his death in San Francisco after he obtained some technology from Silicon Valley. He came to the US under the cover of a joint venture, but the CCP was behind his mysterious death.

When Miles asked about Mr. Cao’s death, Cao’s wife said her husband told her over the phone that someone was trying to kill him right before he fell off a building.

The CCP is stealing and trading information with the Americans in Silicon Valley, but it is robbing and murdering the Chinese.

Zhang Shoucheng did not know the technology he traded with the CCP had exposed himself to both the CCP and the FBI. He traded technology secrets with the CCP without limit or boundary. Both Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Huawei were lured to Zhang’s Danhua Capital. Huawei has pushed Zhang to the brink of his death.

Miles’ informant in Zhang’s case was a Chinese intelligence officer, who told Miles before his own arrest that he would be disappeared as the only contact person between Zhang and the CCP. This officer said that he would kill himself before he was killed by the CCP. He also revealed that Neil Shen and the CCP had used Zhang Shoucheng without providing him with any protection. The CCP even wanted to get rid of Zhang after getting the core technology, because Zhang could provide little value during the application phase to turn inventions into products. That’s why Zhang was murdered to cover up the CCP’s tracks as part of the unrestricted warfare, leaving no trace for further investigation.

Miles asked the Chinese in Silicon Valley to stop colluding with the CCP to avoid becoming the next Zhang Shoucheng.

Neil Shen in Talks with Blackstone’s CEO Stephen Schwarzman

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