HK Police Trepass Yellow Store without Warrant

“La Tessa”, a pro-democracy restaurant in Sham Shui Po, wrote on Facebook that on the early morning of 14 August, 5 uniform police trepassed the restaurant from the backdoor and look into their documents and cashier without any warrant while the chef went out to dump the trash.

The surveillance TV captures the incident at 4:30 am on 14 August, before the operating hours of the restaurant. After entering from the backdoor, the police had stayed for 45 minutes to scrutinize the restaurant.

The police asked, “as a ‘yellow’ shop, don’t you have good business?” However, the police did not explain why they entered. The restaurant questioned that police might have violated the gathering ban.

Later, the police released 2 Facebook posts claiming that they found the backdoor of the restaurant not closed. They then carried out their “crime prevention” duty. The police condemned the allegations as “unreasonable and fraudulent”.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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6 months ago

ccp must go to hell

6 months ago

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The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !



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