President Trump Delivers Remarks at Whirlpool Corporation Manufacturing Plant

President Trump spoke to workers during his visit to Whirlpool Corporation Manufacturing Plant on August 6, 2020. He emphasized the duty of American President of putting America’s own citizens first and reiterated his vision and actions to bring jobs and manufacturing factories back to American shores.

Preside Trump announced six more promises to American workers for the next four years: 1) to defeat the China virus, 2) to rise from the current adversity, 3) to turn America into the premier medical manufacturer, pharmacy, and drugstore of the world., 4) to onshore millions of new manufacturing jobs, 5) to bring back American jobs in factories, 6) to always put American workers first.

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8 months ago

ccp must go to hell

8 months ago

CCP lied.
CCP stole.
CCP cheated.
CCP hacked.
CCP attacked.
CCP murdered.
CCP breaked our freedom.
CCP breaked our democracy.
CCP breaked our life style.
CCP breaked our economy.
CCP corroded our school.
CCP corroded our education.
CCP corroded our civilization.
CCP is faithless.
CCP is evil.
CCP is lawless.
CCP is immoral.
CCP stands with Satan.
CCP stands against with people.
We have never appointed CCP as our agent.
Let’s take down CCP !


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