Taiwan disallows mainland Chinese students to return due to cross-strait tensions

Taiwan education ministry is under fire after abruptly reversing its decision to let Chinese students resume their studies in Taiwan.

On Wednesday the ministry sent a notice to universities, stating that all degree-seeking international students would be allowed to resume their studies. But when speaking to press later that day, an education official said Chinese students would be excluded from the policy due to the state of cross-strait relations.

KMT lawmakers have blasted the government for the decision, but officials say the suspension is only temporary. Shocked, and disappointed, Ah Tsao represents a group that advocates for international students’ rights. He denounced the education ministry’s policy U-turn, which has devastated Chinese students hoping to return to Taiwan.

The temporary ban only applies to the returning Chinese students who are not in their last year of study.

Mainland China already stopped the application to study in Taiwan in April, 2020 due to pandemic.

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