Jimmy Lai: That day has come.

Jimmy Lai: That day has come.
Written by Gravitational Wave

Yesterday in HK, JimmyLai, outspoken pro-democracy activist and owner of opposition newspapers AppleDaily, has been arrested for “colluding with foreign powers” under the NationalSecurityLaw in Hong Kong. Both of his sons and four Next Digital staff arrested either.

Jimmy Lai said:“ I came to Hong Kong with nothing. Nowadays everything I have owe to the freedom of Hong Kong. I feel grateful that I can repay the freedom with my life.”

Share prices for Next Media surged 300% within hours of his arrest, as democracy supporters urged each other online to support the company. These brave Hong Kong people say that even if ApplyDaily only can publish the blank papers, they will buy them all,which represents the common aspiration of the people.

In May, Jimmy Lai wrote, “I have feared that one day the Chinese Communist Party would grow tired not only of Hong Kong’s free press but also of its free people. That day has come.”

Jimmy Lai is the hero of HK, but there are also tens of thousands of young peaceful protest have been arrested, raped, murdered by HK cops for more than a year! Don’t forget them, don’t let them die for nothing, don’t let these tragedies happen again and again.

The west of the civilized world must wake up now, the Chinese Communist Party won’t stop until they destroy the liberty and democracy throughout the whole world.

No one is a isolated island, all they have suffered will happen to you. Help Hong Kong, help ourselves.

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8 months ago

Free Hong Kong, revolution now



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