More Hongkongers arrested; Jimmy lai’s company stock tripled in price after his arrest

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow’s arrest was announced on her Facebook page. Wilson Li, a freelance videographer in Hong Kong was also arrested according to a Twitter post. Jimmy Lai’s company stock has soared by 300% after his arrest.

Agnes Chow was arrested

Agnes Chow’s Facebook post says that a group of policemen arrived at Chow’s residence on Monday. Chow was not seen leaving her residence and her attorney was on the way to her residence.

Agnes Chow’s Facebook post, which was updated at 22:10 local time, says that she was arrested and taken away by the police. Her Facebook Admin will keep everyone posted on her status.

A picture of Agnes Chow, a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist.

Freelance iTV videographer Wilson Li was arrested

IPAC condemns the arrests in Hong Kong

CCP Media CGTN: Jimmy Lai arrested for suspected violation of national security law

EU: Statement by the Spokesperson on recent arrests and raids under the National Security Law

The cost of dancing with the enemy: China Daily editorial

In this case justice delayed didn’t mean the absence of justice. That Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, founder of tabloid-style Apple Daily newspaper, was arrested on Monday for national security-related offenses shows that eventually he will be brought to justice for colluding with foreign forces and being involved in fraud.

Instead of being grateful for having been condoned for the offenses he committed before the enactment of the new national security law for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, as the law lacks retroactive effect, Lai continued with his treacheries, including intriguing with foreign elements to undermine national security.

The majority of Hong Kong residents, who desperately long for an end to their sufferings caused by the relentless machinations of Lai and other key local proxies of foreign powers such as former Hong Kong University professor Benny Tai Yiu-ting, and so-called activists Joshua Wong Chi-fung and Nathan Law Kwun-chung, must have heaved a big sigh of relief after the arrest of Lai and several of his close aides.

The arrests of the “black hands” behind the yearlong violent protests in Hong Kong show that no offender is immune to the national security law, however mighty his or her foreign patrons be.

It should now be clear to the other local proxies of the foreign powers that it is not only naïve but also futile to try to leverage foreign interference in the country, and that no amount of foreign sanctions can stop China and its special administrative region from safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security.

They should also be aware of the cruel reality that they cannot escape the hand of the law if they collude with foreign powers, who like master puppeteers will not hesitate to pull the strings and make them dance to their tune whenever they want. This is evidenced in the case of Lai, who continued with his perfidies even after the national security law was implemented because he could not break free from the strings.

Conspiring with foreign forces to hurt one’s own country’s national interests for whatever reason or objective is considered an act of treason in any country. Worse, traitors don’t enjoy the respect of their foreign masters either; they are discarded like old batteries once their usefulness depletes.

And since those foreign elements fanning trouble in Hong Kong also deserve punishment, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced sanctions against 11 US politicians and organization heads, including Senators Marc Rubio and Ted Cruz, which should remind the US administration that Beijing, too, can impose sanctions on US nationals.

The nation and the people will make those who collude with foreign forces pay for treason, and the arrests should be a warning to the foreign elements to keep their hands off China, including the SAR.

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9 months ago

Awful. Criminal CCP. And they will try and arrest everyone who is for democracy. Am concerned there will be a lot of ‘suicides’ HK, in USA, UK, AU, and Europe..all anti-CCP citizens. CCP thinks they own the world..and will try and take warned. The dying China dragon, the rabid ‘wolf warriors’ will do any and very thing to destroy civilization..

9 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

9 months ago



Hang in there Jimmy. We are praying for you. 🙏

9 months ago

CCP had stolen enormous money.
CCP had stolen privacy.
CCP had stolen techniques.
CCP had made virus.
CCP had attacked us.
CCP had broken our freedom.
CCP had broken our law.
CCP had broken our democracy.
CCP had broken our life styles.
CCP had broken our economy.
CCP had attacked human civilization.
CCP stands with Satan!
CCP stands against with people.
CCP should had been taken down!
CCP should had been kicked out of the earth!
It is just the time to take down CCP!