August 8, 2020 Weekly News Brief

1.    COVID-19 (CCP Virus)

1.1 Senate committee passes bill to allow people to sue China for COVID-19 related damages
Commentary: This bill will allow Americans, who suffered from this pandemic and therefore have standing, to file a lawsuit against the Chinese Communist Party. But let’s not forget the Chinese people are also among the biggest victim of this pandemic. The infection cases and death tolls in China are significantly underreported. Many families suffered with absolutely no support from the Chinese Communist Party. We really need to get to the bottom of the number of deaths from this virus in all authoritarian countries.

1.2 China admits to destroying coronavirus samples, insists it was for safety
Commentary: Let’s spell out a few actions by the CCP. (1) destroyed early virus samples (2) locked down Wuhan and China but allowed international flights (3) silenced and punished Whistleblower doctors (4) uploaded a false genome sequence (5) refused international independent inquiry (6) vacuumed up global PPE (7) hacked US COVID-19 vaccine research (8) deceiving the world about the effectiveness of HCQ. What else you need to make up your mind?

1.3 Chinese-backed hackers targeted COVID-19 vaccine firm Moderna
Commentary: The Chinese Communist Party likes to steal, from intellectual property, copy rights, patents, to even a simple TV show. Now it is stealing the vaccine research from the West, wanting to be the first to produce the vaccine in order to control the world. While at the same time, the ordinary Chinese people and the deplorables are struggling to obtain the truths due to the Great Fire Wall, which is designed, built, operated and maintained to contain them. Then who can go through the GFW and conduct hacking at this scale? No brainer.

1.4 Hidden FDA Doc Explains Why “Liar” Fauci Opposes Hydroxychloroquine, Top Doctors Explain
Commentary: This is outrages. While many frontline doctors finding HCQ being effective in the early treatment and advocating it, the “creditable” medical institutions and government bodies are avoiding and banning it. HCQ is in the way of multibillion-dollar vaccine investment. The only problem with HCQ is that it is too cheap. There are many conflicts of interests involved and the hidden force behind these liars – are the Chinese Communist Party, partnering with the big Pharmas who put people’s lives at the bottom of their list. If this doesn’t have your blood boil, nothing will.

1.5 Whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan interview with American Thought Leaders
Commentary: Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s whistleblowing is aspiring. She again and again put her and her family’s safety second to the truth that she wanted to bring to the World. The Chinese Communist Party fabricated the virus and covered up the virus outbreak. Her appearance and the truth she brought has made a significant impact around the world and a lot of media coverage in US and Europe. Our Oceanic neighbour NZ Herald recently reported this – Unfortunately none of our Australian media so far. The reason is unknown, or sort of known.

2.    Hong Kong

2.1 France halts ratifying extradition treaty with Hong Kong in wake of security law
Commentary: The growing group of countries effectively decouple Hong Kong from the rest of the world by suspending their extradition treaty with Hong Kong. They are not only protecting their own citizens but also removing CCP’s ability to access western capitals via Hong Kong. CCP’s strategic intent in taking over Hong Kong is undermined.

2.2 Hong Kong issues arrest warrant for US citizens under new national security law
Commentary: The Chinese Communist Party has commenced using this HK National Security Law to arrest foreigners, outside of HK and China mainland. While laughable, it is a warning sign – The CCP wants to shut up everyone in this planet who voices against them. You, me can be next wanted fugitive.

2.3 US Treasury Sanctions Individuals for Undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy
Commentary: US government stands with Hong Kong, in the journal pursuing freedom and democracy. The 11 individuals being sanctioned include Carrie Lam, Chief Executives of HKSAR, Christ Tsang, Commissioner of Hong Kong Police Force, and etc. Do you recall this photo? Remember, every single one in this photo is criminal and will be brought to justice.

3.    Taiwan

3.1 HHS Secretary Alex Azar to Lead Delegation to Taiwan in First Visit by a U.S. HHS Secretary
Commentary: Taiwan is never part of the People’s Republic of China, despite PRC continues denies and threatens with possibility of military action. This visitwill be a bombshell for General Secretory Xi as he will quickly realise that his “Chinese Day Dream” can only go as far as the island of Taiwan. Soon will be retreat back to the mainland. Wonder how the CCP will react and counter?

4.    CCP as a Global Threat

4.1 China abandoning path to openness, says Switzerland
Commentary: The CCP has passed the point of turning back and is on its way to its grave. The world needs to realise that you do not have to make dirty deal with the CCP by bowing to their demand in order to make money out of the 1.4 billion people market. The alternative is that you will be able to business as usual and all your asset and IP will be well protected by rule of law once the CCP is taken down. As far as the Switzerland banks are concerned, with the New Federal State of China, their total wealth deposit remains the same if not more, it just means a transfer of ownership from bankrupt dictators to the peace-loving Chinese people. Standing on our side to facilitate the regime change because it is going to be the biggest and cleanest legitimate “wealth conveyance” in history.

4.2 China sentences 3rd Canadian to death on drug charges
Commentary: This is CCP’s further retaliation for the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver, an executive and the daughter of the founder of HUAWEI. The CCP is exhausting all means to stop her extradition to US as if that happens, HUAWEI’s dealing with Iran will be exposed and the CCP is essentially funding a terrorism and sanctioned regime.

4.3 CalPERS investment chief steps down at $400 billion pension fund
Commentary: Yu Meng, the resigned chief investment officer from CalPERS, was previously the deputy CIO with China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), which overseas China’s US Treasury security holdings. How did Yu Meng, with Chinese government official background, manage to manage CalPERS investment portfolio of roughly USD$400 billion? Did he disclose his Chinese Communist Party member identify when being granted the US Citizen and the CIO with CalPERS?

5.    The New Federal State of China

5.1 What is The New Federal State Of China?
Commentary: Miles Guo says “The New Federal State of China is ready to bring freedom, rule of law and democracy for the 1.4billion Chinese people and move forward with the world.” The New Federal State of China has commenced working with the world to take down the CCP and transforms China.

6.    Military and Intelligent Front

6.1 The Pentagon wants to end its reliance on China for rare earth minerals.
Commentary: The practice and market of rare earth minerals mining in China has been dominated by a few elite families at the cost of causing irreversible detrimental impact on the environment and creating public health disaster to community in the vicinity. The best and quickest way to end the dominance of China in the critical supply market and remove threats from US defence industry is to get rid of the CCP and establish enduring, trusted partnership with the New Federal State of China.

7.    Religion Front

No major development this week but watch this space.

8.    Finance and Currency and Economic Front

8.1 Samsung Electronics to halt production at its last computer factory in China
Commentary: Well done Samsung. Stop feeding the CCP. You will be welcomed with open arms by the New Federal State of China, your assets will be protected by rule of law and you will be trading with peace of mind.

8.2 Tom Cotton: ‘Accepting the Chinese money’ should be ‘criminalized’
Commentary: We probably can interpret this act as a law enforcement for deeming the Chinese Communist Party as an illegal and critical regime, which hopefully occur very soon.

8.3 White House Seeks Crackdown on U.S.-Listed Chinese Firms

8.4 Trump announces plan to delist Chinese companies that won’t comply with U.S. stock exchange rules
Commentary: Most of the US listed companies are backed up by the Chinese Communist Party – Alibaba, China Petro, China Mobile, JD, and etc. Cooking the book or fraudulent financial accounting is their norm in producing a flawless financial report/prospectus to steal more money from US. They are allowed not to comply with the US GAAP previously, which is putting their US counterparts in disadvantage. The financial scandal of Lucky coffee perfectly demonstrates that. This announcement is a great proposal to level the playing field with great effect to cut off the CCP’s ability to access US capitals that have been feeding dollars to the CCP machinery to keep it up and running. Because none of the Chinese companies will comply with the same Sarbanes-Oxley Act accounting practices and risk disclosure required of American companies. Let’s recap the three primary pathways for the CCP to obtain the dollars. (1) Chinese export is being significantly impacted by increased tariff and relocation of supply chain due to the trade war. (2) Hong Kong dollar’s peg will be removed by the enforcement of HK Autonomy Act at any time. (3) Chinese companies with share trading in US market to be purged for non-compliance. Do you hear the drumroll? Check the gold price today.

9.    Media, Information and Ideology Front

9.1 Harvard Taps Former CCP Official to Conduct Polling in China
Commentary: The CCP intends to deliver its unreliable polling results through Harvard, the top Ivy University appeared to be reliable. This is interesting and at the same time dirty I wonder what that polling questionnaire, designed by a former Chinese government official, looks like. Here is a list of features that might be loaded with this survey to get 93% approval rate of the CCP: (1) sign off with your real name (2) choose from strongly approve, approve and approve with reservation (3) pick a sub-set of total polling samples until you get 93%. BE CREATIVE.

9.2 Announcing the Expansion of the Clean Network to Safeguard America’s Assets
Commentary: This marks a significant milestone of Whistleblower Movement. A complete cut-off from the CCP to protect the security of the data transmission. Impressive design. Free nations and corporates in the data field are urged to join US to protect the information security and privacy from Chinese government and state-backed cyber hackers.

9.3 Chinese reporters in US ‘packing to leave’
Commentary: Strong signal for the looming war, they are not journalists but the undercover CCP operatives. Can Beijing really retaliate in a similar way? While the CCP needs some “complied” America journalists to help deliver its orchestrated narratives to the world, the CCP has eyed on the pro-democracy foreigners outside of mainland China and HK, using its HK National Security Law (See 2.2).

10.    IP Theft , Espionage and Cyber Security Front

10.1 Trump to give TikTok’s Chinese owner 45 days to agree sale – sources
Commentary: This is concerning. Correct us if we are wrong in understanding this message: essentially this is saying that the US government is encouraging American companies to pay a fortune to the Chinese Communist Party for its harvesting of comprehensive data from the young American through Tik Tok. This is absurd.

10.2 White House adviser Navarro suggests Microsoft divest China holdings
Commentary: Not sure if this is going to the right direction. What couldn’t be clearer is that the breadth and depth of the CCP infiltration in the US is unprecedented. If a national security concern could be resolved by financially divesting China holdings from Microsoft, we would NOT have this war take place on American soil today. Are all American companies or individuals all act in the best interest of American people? Just look at what is going on with Dr. Fauci on HCQ and Senator Dianne Feinstein on the CCP.

10.3 Executive Order on Addressing the Threat Posed by TikTok
Executive Order on Addressing the Threat Posed by WeChat
Commentary: President Trump dropped the hammer only 24 hours after we made our comments on 10.1. This is unprecedented and no other president in US has ever done this – confronting the CCP’s threat and action. Let’s keep it that way for the sake of witnessing the history in the making as we type.

10.4 Australian intelligence agencies investigate Chinese-owned TikTok over security concerns
Japan lawmakers to urge government to put curbs on TikTok use: NHK
Commentary: Countries start to get aligned with India and US in terms of confronting the CCP on cyber and national security with real actions. Credit to India for imposing sweeping ban on over 50 CCP APPs.

11.    CCP’s Crimes Against Humanity

11.1 China Is Harvesting the DNA of Its People. Is This the Future of Policing?
Commentary: Is the CCP collecting DNA data only from the Chinese people? Do we know how many P3/P4 labs are there within China? How many P3/P4 the CCP is building around the global? How many political and industrial figures have benefited from organ transplantation in China? The 1.4 billion people from over 50 minority groups are the biggest organ inventory on this earth. Want to comprehend the CCP? Use imagination and THINK BIG.

12.    Assembly of the US “WAR Council”

12.1 President, Donald Trump

12.2 Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

12.3 National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien

12.4 Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray

12.5 Department of Justice, William Barr

12.6 Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Peter Navarro

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