‘Self-hanging’, an easy way for the CCP’s police to close any suspicious death cases

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China News Service

On 3th August , China News Service reported that the local police station in Emeishan City, Sichuan Province, released one statement through its official Wechat , that police station received a call that there were two bodies found in the edge of the woods in Guanyin Village  around 15:30 on August 2. After on-site investigations, forensic examinations, etc., the local police initially confirmed that those two people died by hanging themselves. The identity of the deceased and related aftermath matters were in further progress in terms of statement of local police . At the same time , local police stated that the netizen should follow the official statement from police and should neither believe in any rumor nor spread any rumor in social media .  


Frankly speaking ,the Chinese Communist Party (CCP )or its organization does not make anything transparent , and the CCP is not willing to tell the truth to public.  Meanwhile, the public is not allowed to challenge the CCP, on the contrary, it has to follow the official news from CCP ‘s media. Now more Chinese people no longer believe in any official information from the CCP ,but obtains the truth through so-called ‘rumors’ on the internet . 

Regarding to this specific tragedy, there is one basic question that local police have not given the answer to the public that what is the reason those two people committed suicide. The police have not yet confirmed the identity of those two bodies yet and many doubts are hanging there waiting to be answered so how can the police reach to a conclusion that it was simply a case of suicide?

The author believes that it is very likely that the local police believed that they were nothing but two ordinary people so, as what they are used to doing, they would never waste time and energy on such a “small” case. Therefore, they closed the case without a full investigation those two dead men deserve to have and without any clarification of all other critical issues related to the case. Another possibility is that this tragedy is another result of the CCP’s tyranny, and naturally, the police would do anything to cover it up with an explanation of “self-hanging”.

Unfortunately, this will not be the last suspicious death in China as long as the CCP is still breathing and its injustice has infected Hong Kong’s judiciary as well because we see hundreds and thousands of Hongkongers have gone missing or “have committed suicide”, sometimes being naked in the sea, according to the CCP. However, we should still hope that the more ruthless the CCP is when ruling China, the more Chinese people will finally realize the fact that they are kidnapped by the CCP and then stand up to overthrow its regime.

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
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