ARTICLES CCP’s Cover Up by Demolishing Xinfadi Seafood Market

CCP’s Cover Up by Demolishing Xinfadi Seafood Market

Author: Doco 文鼎

Xinfadi Seafood MArket is Demolished by CCP

This all sounds so familiar. On June 11, second wave of COVID-19 cases occurred again in Beijing. Most of the patients were claimed to have been to the Xinfadi seafood market. On June 12, the Beijing Government shut down the Xinfadi seafood market. CCP also claims that all people who visited Xinfadi have been tested for coronavirus.The Xinfadi seafood market was to take the blame immediately just as the Wuhan wet market was and didn’t stand a chance for any further or thorough investigation first.

Recently, Dr. Yan from the Hong Kong P3 Laboratory revealed that her Hong Kong Biological Laboratory can analyze and produce a new type of coronavirus. As SARS broke out in China in 2003, the CCP established a laboratory in Hong Kong to study the coronavirus. In addition, the laboratory has a close relationship with WHO.

Dr. Yan also revealed that in mid-January, she was assigned by her supervisor Leo Poon to investigate the new coronavirus outbreak. She concluded that the coronavirus can spread from person to person and has already spread in the community. But at this time CCP and WHO are still concealing the truth, telling the people that the virus will not have human-to-human transmission.

In fact, Dr. Yan also pointed out that the virus cannot come from nature. All the potential samples have been destroyed once CCP thoroughly cleaned Wuhan Seafood market and torn it down. But the CCP insists all cases of patients correlate to the Wuhan Seafood market. In fact, of the 30 samples tested at the Wuhan Seafood Market, only one sample was tested positive for the coronavirus. The CCP used that sample alone to announce to the world that the virus originated from nature and animals. And these animals become the scapegoat of the CCP.

This time the Beijing seafood market had an outbreak again, and the CCP immediately blocked the Beijing seafood market. In order to cover up the truth, CCP even rdemolished it recently. What is it trying to hide? CCP is afraid that some foreign experts and scholars will find out the truth that the virus came from the Wuhan P4 laboratory controlled by PLA, and they are committed to destroying all potential evidence. However, no matter what CCP does, it is an indisputable fact that the virus came from the Wuhan laboratory that can be proven by scientific data and witneses as Dr. Yan has demontrated to the world.


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CCP covered truth and spreaded untrue.
CCP stole money and spreaded bubble.
CCP made virus and spreaded.
Let’s take down CCP!

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !