Miles Guo: The potential of Gnews and GTV is infinite.

Author: 老姜

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On August 1, 2020, Miles Guo post a short video on Getter talking about several issues related to the huge potential of Gnews and GTV, the disappearance of Hong Kong dollar, and strategies to deal with the spies of the CCP. 

Infinite Potential of Gnews & GTV 

As more and more apps owned by Chinese companies, manipulated by the CCP, have been considered as national threats in many countries worldwide, the future of their alternatives will naturally be extremely promising, and GTV and Gnews are two platforms with huge potential. 

“Banning and removing all kinds of CCP apps is the equivalent of cutting off the CCP’s tongues for spreading propaganda. The devaluation of the Hong Kong dollar means that the CCP will lose their financing capability for its foreign currency, international trade and high-tech imports. How crazy and devastating will that be when the CCP loses these capabilities? We have had a lot of good news recently, and there will be more down the road.

Our Gnews viewer and registration numbers grow by multiples every week. Up to last week, its business valuation is already $2 billion U.S. dollars. How much then will our GTV product be worth? Soon all the CCP apps will be banned and removed in the U.S. By that time, our Gnews and GTV will be the only platform and app to use for tens of millions of overseas Chinese and those within the CCP Internet firewall, to find out the truth about the CCP and the world. The chance for our products to grow rapidly and make an enormous profit is boundless! We haven’t even made our secret next big move yet. Don’t forget that we will have mergers and acquisitions down the road. We will dramatically change the business world, that used to be manipulated by CCP.”

——— Miles Guo 

The War Room 

“Everyone should pay attention to Steve Bannon’s WarRoom show today (August 1st). I was interviewed by Mr. Bannon for about an hour, and based on the backend viewer data analysis, the viewer numbers and activity rate hit another new record high.”

——— Miles Guo 

The CCP Spies

“Recently, the CCP has become more and more arrogant and aggressive – sending their spies to infiltrate our Whistleblower Movement all over the world. I have always believed that, to identify the spy and know what they will do, and then to use them, destroy them; use them to destroy the CCP, is the best strategy to deal with the CCP!”

——— Miles Guo 

Hong Kong Dollar

Last night, I dreamed again, and in it, I found out that the Hong Kong dollar was really gone, it disappeares within 30 days during this August. “

——— Miles Guo 

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !