“WE ARE NOT YOU!” — Chinese Netizens Furious at a Party Elite’s Call for a Fight with US

In June 2016, one of the best known hardliners and public mouthpieces of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and People’s Liberation Army (PLA,) Naval Admiral Luo Yuan, who is from a prominent family of party elites, made a strong appeal on the internet.  He wrote in his blog on Weibo, a platform similar to Twitter but inside China’s Great Firewall, “Dear fellow Chinese, we shall fight!” Probably to his total surprise, this time he was not hailed with cheers as he normally expected. As a matter of fact, it was quite the opposite.

Soon after Adm. Luo’s blog was posted, responses and replies popped up on the internet expressing criticism, sarcasm, and condemnation.  One was titled “WE are not YOU.” It was a direct response to General Luo’s public appeal. The author of the response, in the form of a poetic essay, is Yajun Wang.  The response voiced a common view of regular Chinese people toward the US-CCP confrontation; this view is different from what westerners normally find in CCP’s propaganda or in CCP-sponsored western media. The essay differentiated the CCP from the Chinese People, the privileged party elites from regular hardworking grassroots.  The essay was an outcry of the regular Chinese people who are furious about CCP and today’s China. The essay unequivocally expressed that Chinese people are not willing to fight the Americans for the benefit of CCP, elites, and the kleptocrats.

Since then, Wang’s response has made some huge splashes in the world of social media; relevant posts and replies are too numerous to quote them all here.  At the moment, CCP is approaching its end, and it is doing everything it can to hijack China and the Chinese people in its fight against the US. Wang’s essay once again is hot on social media across the globe. In this article, we translate only Wang’s essay into English to share with English-speaking world. We believe it is helpful for westerners and the English speaking world to understand regular Chinese people’s views.

Reading Tips: In the essay,

  • “WE” and “us” mean grassroots Chinese people.  “YOU” means Admiral Luo Yuan, the privileged class, and the Party elites
    • Deng XiaoPing and Chen Yun were the two most powerful party member within Chinese Communist Party during the 1980s and 1990s. Their families remain among the most powerful in today’s China.
    • RMB is the currency in use in China.


An Essay by Yajun Wang

Responding to Adm. Luo Yuan’s blog titled “Dear Fellow Chinese, We Shall Fight.”

YOU must have sensed a crisis looming and danger approaching?

And YOU screamed such a nonsense hysterically?

Now, YOU f*cking call us “Dear fellow Chinese?”

YOU also repeatedly say “WE…WE…”

Doing that must make YOU feel so close to us

YOU have a golden parachute of retirement and huge medical benefits

Do WE and YOU ever have the same thing?

When YOU vacation and enjoy yourself in a government-provided vehicle

When YOU feast luxuriously with your mistress

And the government covering all the cost with our money

Are WE together with YOU then?

YOUR high income, unmatched benefits, specially-supplied foods, and all other privileges

Are WE ever together with YOU to share?

A war is looming, 

Now YOU start referring us as a f*cking WE

A F*cking” DEAR WE

I’m sorry, WE
are not YOU



YOU can ONLY represent YOU

WE are WE, and ONLY we can call us WE

Pay attention! WE are telling YOU:


WE are not going into battle for YOU!

Because WE

Have only a pittance to protect

WE are not going into battle for YOU!

Because WE don’t want to fight to “protect” YOU

To protect YOUR privileges!

Call up YOUR OWN people for the fight

Admiral Luo!

They can be found in luxury stores along 5th Avenue in NYC

Or on the beaches of Maldives

Or in ski resorts of Swiss Alps

Or in those mansions in LA or Vancouver

Call them up!

YOU say they are too far away?

Or not enough first-class seats available for their transfer?

Or not even enough business-class seats?

Alright. Let’s call up the closer ones

Oh, they can be found in mansions in Beijing

In governmental compounds in provincial capitals;

In office buildings in Central Business Districts (CBD)

Or in VIP rooms at night clubs,

Go amass them!

Deng XiaoPing and Chen Yun once said

“Only our own children are dependable”

So, send YOUR own children

To fight for YOU!

Those YOU call “Dear fellow Chinese”

Are NOT your children,

They are all undependable to YOU!

Do you still want those “UNDEPENDABLE”

“dear fellow Chinese” to fight for you?

Don’t you worry that


Might shoot UNDEPENDABLE bullets?

No need to worry about the loyalty of Party Elites’ children

At least they won’t dig YOUR own tomb!

Picking up the guns

and guarding YOUR own interests

Are duties of YOUR own children. But one can only wish

As spoiled and weak as they are

They would be strong enough to hold guns, and

Fight like their communist parents and grandparents

And would not desert before a battle

WE, the grassroots Chinese,  

will NOT fight for YOU

We’ve seen veterans of China-Vietnam War

Struggling for their mere survival when came back home

We’ve also listened to veterans of the Korean War

Holding a meager amount of several hundred RMB

But thank “their country” with shaking voices

WE have been waiting, and waiting;

With plenty of patience

WE have been watching, and watching,

Calmly watching,

Watching your fall!

And during this ultimate fall of YOU

WE will aid, and cheer with joy

Author: 大是大非不糊涂

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9 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !



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