The Disinfomercial: How Larry King Got Duped Into Starring in Chinese Propaganda


Jacobi Niv had paid Larry King a few thousand dollars apiece to narrate half a dozen videos for companies or projects in Israel, where King is still a big name. But what Niv wanted King to tape on March 27, 2019, wasn’t the usual infomercial. It was more like a disinfomercial.

An Israeli with designer clothes, a buzz cut and a long history of failed businesses and inflated credentials, Niv had known King for nearly a decade. King sometimes taped Niv’s promotional videos at the same Glendale, California, studio where the longtime television host filmed “Larry King Now” and “PoliticKING” for Ora Media, the digital TV network he started with his wife, Shawn. The crew resented the way Niv would stride into their homey, basic studio, bringing extra work for them. But he had ingratiated himself with King, in part by sending him lavish floral arrangements and other expensive gifts on Jewish holidays, King and others said.

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The irony in this is Larry King might have ten times the cognitive ability that Biden has right now. This should be a wake up call to all Americans that the former Senator from Peking cannot be allowed to rule the United States of America.

3 days ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Start Died.
Take down CCP ! New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !