Miles Guo: Proud of the successful globe-spanning anti-CCP protests by the Whistleblower Movement

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama Seamoon

On July 27, 2020, the day when supporters of the Whistleblower Movement protested in front of the CCP’s embassy in five different countries, expressing their will to take it down, Miles Guo broadcast on GTV speaking highly of those supporters’ efforts and sharing more thoughts on the moves to follow. 

Successful Protests and Meaningful Recognition 

“July 27, 2020 also marked a special day. Peter Navarro, President Trump’s Advisor officially recognized our New Federal State of China in front of the media.

The first Whistleblower Movement protest in Washington D.C. one month ago, led by the Long Island Brother, kicked off a new era of peaceful and well-disciplined street protests in the U.S. Everyone is making history and we changed the image of the Chinese in the West. In the near future, we will organize a protest against the CCP with about 100 million marchers, with broad participation from countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, as well as Russia. It will include all nationalities and people in the world who would love to stand with us to overthrow the CCP.

Yesterday, followers of our Whistleblower Movement organized globe-spanning protests against the CCP.  In many countries, including the UK, France, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea we protested against the CCP for releasing the Covid-19 virus into the world. Internal reports from Chinese embassies all over the world, reveal that Beijing was promised that they would send the local police to disrupt or even suppress the demonstrations so that no protest group could form in front of their embassies. But in the end, the protestors overcame all of these difficulties, unified themselves in an orderly fashion, and presented to the world a new image of the Chinese on behalf of the New Federal State Of China by  loudly shouting slogans.

All these protests were peaceful, self-disciplined, well-organized and no trash was left behind. It went really well and greatly impressed the local media and swayed public opinion. It really showed our freedom-pursuing and peaceful image to the world! The French parade was initially blocked by local police, but it finally went through smoothly despite the disrupting tactics of the CCP; Our New Zealand protest squad leader caught some CCP spies on the spot, our British brothers and sisters even drove thousands of kilometers to the protest location to support the protest in person. The slogans from the Canadian Farm were so  strong, loud and powerful against the CCP, that I heard that the CCP leaders from Beijing called their Canadian Embassy, using the F*word to scold them, for failing to stop the protest!”

— Miles Guo

More actions to be taken and challenges to overcome 

“I hope you pay close attention to the Freedom Forum held in Washington D.C this time. The participants include the U.S. Department of Defense, universities, think tanks, mainstream media, President Trump’s right-hand man, and our hero and scientist Li-Meng Yan. As the Whistleblower Movement, we also play a key role in this forum. Dr. Yan will officially appear on the stage tomorrow to participate in Mr. Bannon’s War Room program. She was already interviewed by several main media today and she will also appear on the LuDe Show in the near future.

Local government agencies have started interviewing the pro-CCP overseas Chinese in the United States and Europe since last week. There will be only one choice for the overseas Chinese, either you stay with the CCPor choose us – there is no middle ground! More and more countries will recognize the legitimacy of our New Federal State of China. The overseas assets of the CCP’s senior leaders will be seized. We can all participate in building a new China.

While the global pandemic is raging, the CCP is still accelerating its construction of new P3/P4 Labs. As this fact is terrifying, the eradication of the CCP cannot be postponed! From now on, the heavy hammers to smash the CCP will crash down like thunder storms. The abolition of the CCP will happen in the upcoming August and September. Realizing CCP’s crazy nature, we are still faced with many difficulties and challenges, and therefore we still need to stick together and we need everyone to continue their fight!”

——— Miles Guo 

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