HKPF enter PolyU, University claims it did not participate in the Security Taskforce of the Police


Hong Kong – Mr Lam Yat-Fan, Action Commissioner of Police Operations entered PolyU this morning and stated two major objectives for the police operation today(Nov. 28): To find any potentially dangerous objects and to search for evidence of the riot.

He mentioned that if any civilians are found, police negotiators and social workers will be available to help them. He emphasized that the main objectives of today is not to arrest civilians, but to assist in their health condition, and that there is no riot police or any undercover officers at PolyU today.

At 8:00 am, Yeung Li-Wei, Vice-president of PolyU, entered the University with firemen to search and handle any dangerous goods found onsite. He said that PolyU did not involve in the operation of the Hong Kong Police Force.

Source: Now News


Source:【GM02】 Editor:【GM31】

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