CCP Consulate in Houston Ordered to Close by U.S.

Author: RD16
Date: 07/22/2020

“Houston, we have a problem!” – Ironically, this time the dire signal was not emitted from the outer space, rather from the Chinese CCP Consulate in Houston.

During the past few days, people have been bombarded by breaking news one after another, all in the spirit of the unprecedented moves launched by the U.S. against the CCP regime.

Nonetheless, last night when a big bizarre fire broke out of the Chinese Consulate in Houston, it grabbed the headlines of all news outlets instantly. It was reported that the Consulate in an apparent attempt to burn off some sensitive or confidential paperwork, and hence triggered the local fire fighters being dispatched.

As the event rapidly escalated, the U.S. immediately reacted by putting the Chinese Consulate on notice, ordering it to close within 72 hours, that is to evacuate from the premises by this Friday, 7/24. This yet-another-unprecedented action is aimed to “to protect American intellectual property” and the private information of Americans. (*1)

No specific details have been provided by the State Department at the time of this writing. However,Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did set the tone regarding the U.S. unwavering determination of fighting this war against the CCP regime, just as he declared in his recent press conference, ‘setting out clear expectations for how the Chinese Communist Party is going to behave.” (*6)

Furthermore, Mr. Steve Bannon on his famed War Room Pandemic show on July 21, just made it clear, as a veteran pundit in international geopolitics and strategy, that the US ought to set an ultimatum of 72 hrs (*2) for the CCP to act responsibly in this global quest of seeking the truth, and the whole truth about this coronavirus. The U.S. demands total transparency and thorough investigations of the P4 lab in Wuhan, and the WHO designated P3 lab in Hong Kong, and all P3 labs in the mainland China including those “undisclosed” ones. This is for the sake of saving humanity, and time is running out quickly… No one on this planet would be spared in this race with time, and with this CCP virus…

If one traces back in time to October 2018 (*3), the WM Number One advocate, Mr. Miles Guo in one of his live-casts made a point, quoting his conversation with a top WH official (hinted as the back then National Security Advisor John Bolton). When asked how fast the U.S. can finish a war in the East Asia region should such an action is called for, Mr. Bolton unequivocally replied that one week was what the U.S. needs as a conservative assessment, and the shortest being a mere span of 72 hrs. This was mentioned in the context of that in case U.S. were to send force in response to crush CCP’s uptick aggression Taiwan, and demolish all the international-treaty-violating military structures in the South China Sea built by the CCP. It is not too hard for one to wonder if the notion of 72 hrs for the three above mentions have some innate coherent connections. This for sure has sent yet another alarming signal to the CCP that the U.S., as the forefront leader, has set in all-out motion in this global take-down the CCP warfare!

*1. News Source
*2. Mr. Bannon speaks of “ultimatum of 72-hr” July 2020
*3. Mr. Guo speaks of 72-hr in Oct 2018
*4. Cover-shot credit: Chinese Consulate in Houston Photo
*5. Fire night scene photo credit
*6. Sec. Pompeo remarks on China

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CCP is a rogue

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CCP is ugly and evil.

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CCP lied,CCP virus,American is start died.
Take down CCP ! New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !