Protesters are restricted from leaving Hong Kong


November 21, One protester has been banned from leaving Hong Kong. So far, we don’t know if every protester is restricted.

This protestor stayed at PolyU previously for several days. He could not stand hunger and cold, which had lasted for days and decided to leave the campus. He told the reporters that before he and his friend got on the ambulance, the police registered their identity card numbers, as well as photographed them. They were then allowed to go home without being arrested.

Things still seemed to be okay after they left the hospital. After experiencing such unfortunate events, he planned to travel abroad to have a little break. However, he was stopped and searched by police officers at the departure gate and was arrested for rioting.

Lawyers pointed out that all individuals who have been released on bail have the right to enter or leave Hong Kong, not to mention he was not arrested. Lawyers questioned whether police were abusing their power, as what they did was absolutely unreasonable.

Source: Apple Daily


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