Ivy League school force communist ideology on a professor, leading to resignation


Prof. Andrei Serban, a Romanian-born professor in theatre arts at Columbia University, has decided to resign due to multiple bazar, straight up communist rules from this Ivy League school. This interview was conducted in Romanian and then translated into English.

First, as the director of a hiring committee for a new professor, he was requested to exclude any heterosexual white male candidate. Serban asked the school if he could consider the candidate’s achievements in this field of study, and the answer was no. Having fled from the communist rule in Romania, Serban stated in the interview, “I felt like I was living under communism again.”

Then, the last straw was an audition for Romeo and Juliet. Serban received many applications, in which he rejected a male-to-female transgender student’s audition monologue. His colleagues disapproved of this decision. Hence, he resigned and decided not to violate his principles. 


Source: https://www.thecollegefix.com/columbia-professor-who-fled-communism-resigns-says-university-is-becoming-communist/

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