Miles Guo: Everyone will benefit when the CCP is taken down

Author: 老姜

Editors:  BigMama   Seamoon

On July 10, 2020, Miles Guo joined the War Room held by Steve Bannon. Once again, he helped the world, especially the U.S., see through CCP’s lies including the so-called “REFORM AND OPENING” policy and warned that only if the CCP is taken down can everyone in this world have a safety and more profitable life.

CCP’s lies

The CCP’s so-called “REFORM AND OPENING” policy is a hoax played on the West. The CCP and its top leaders will never be willing to give the Chinese people true democracy and freedom under the rule of law. The CCP’s strategy is to utilize the systems in the U.S. of democracy and capitalism to defeat the U.S by its own devices.

Also, the CCP has repeatedly cheated the United States over the course of many decades. This time, the CCP used its man-made virus to kill Americans. The Americans must wake up and unite to fight back vigorously. The deaths and increasing infection rates in the U.S. can only be stopped by eliminating the CCP and holding them accountable.”

——— Miles Guo

Urgent reactions is a must.

The so called Covid-19 is, in fact a type of CCP-virus, which is a man-made biological weapon to use against the U.S. and the West. To date, the American media still dare not mention the CCP-virus.These media outlets take no action to let Americans know the truth about this virus, which leads to American people dying every single day. The cowardice of the U.S. government will make it a sinner.

In fact, the CCP in true nature, is only a paper tiger and the United States can easily defeat them by using all the powerful tools the U.S. has at its disposal. After the CCP has been taken down, the financiers from Wall Street can make money from China in a cleaner and safer way.”

——— Miles Guo

The Post-CCP Era — The New Federal State of China

In the post-CCP era, the New Federal State of China is the best alternative to the CCP.

  • We will create and open up a free market with 1.4 billion inhabitants and consumers to the West and the world.
  • We will establish reciprocal relations with other countries.
  • There will not be any Internet firewalls.
  • There will not be any dictators.
  • There will be democracy.
  • There will be rule of law
  • There will be freedom.
  • We will sign a Millennium Peace Treaty with the West. We do not pursue to be a superpower, but the uniqueness of China in the world. “

——— Miles Guo

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Take down The CCP


Outstanding show with Mr. Guo and Mr. Bannon this morning. And thank you to Molly for her courage and bravery.