Another Bus Crash under the CCP’s ruling causing 21 death


Authors:   TigMo   Dawn
Editor: Seamoon

A vehicular incident in Guizhou was caught on camera. At noon on July 7, a slow-moving bus in Xixiu district of Anshun city suddenly picked up speed, swerved across the opposite lane, rammed through the road railing, and jumped into Hongshan lake. As of 5:30 in the afternoon on the same day, 36 people were rescued, 21 died, and 15 injured.  All of the wounded were brought to the nearby hospital.

Sun Zhigang, who is both secretary of the Provincial Communist Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress together with Chen Yiqin, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor, gave instructions to the first responders. Sun Zhigang emphasized to waste no time to rescue, make every effort to save those who went underwater, treat the wounded, figure out the total number of passengers, find the cause of the incident, and do a good job in an orderly fashion for the sake of social stability.

While Sun Zhigang took time to find the politically correct words to say to people in response to this incident, the CCTV camera was quick to show how it happened. The bus was on its way from the train station to the East Bus Terminal of the city, and then it slowed down and waited for a short opening of traffic clearance from both directions. The driver made a sudden 90 degree left turn, sped up across three lanes, rammed through the stone railings of the Hong Shan Lake Dam and plunged into the lake. A survivor said that the bus was packed with passengers seated and standing and that the driver did not display any abnormal sign before suddenly driving the bus into the lake.

The incident makes people ask questions about the state of mind of the driver who seems to be under some kind of heavy mental pressure for him to decide to take the lives of his passengers in harm’s way. What was driving the driver’s mind? Although the governor also said that the incident should be taken as a warning and that a comprehensive investigation must be put in place to check for hidden safety hazards to resolutely prevent major accidents in the future, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, more detailed background information about the driver should also be provided. According people who knew the driver, his daughter committed suicide last year because of her failure in the National College Entrance Examination and he was also a victim of forced demolition and eviction of CCP, both of which could cause the tragedy.

Regardless of the exact cause, one thing we can be certain is that this incident would never have happened the way it did if the driver had been healthy in mind and body. Are there government programs that aim to give welfare to public utility vehicle drivers and their families so drivers can work their jobs well? If these programs are lacking, accidents like this one are bound to happen again and again. Therefore it is unfair to jump into a conclusion that it is all the driver’s fault. Instead, we must understand that under the totalitarianism of the CCP, both the driver and the passengers are victims as many people often felt helpless and hopeless and thus they are  easy to be exposed to mental diseases may take their own lives and often tragically bring others along with them too.


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26 days ago

How can the CCP continue to damage peoples minds..what does the CCP THINK will happen when people lose hope? Theres more disaster coming, earthquake today, near Three Gorges! And this report is pretty telling..