Peter Navarro: The Trust in CCP Is Over, We Will Hold Them Accountable

White House Economic Advisor Peter Navarro was interviewed by Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher on July 6th. Navarro first gave some historical context for American people to understand what can and should be done to the Chinese Communist Government. For the last 20 years, China has cheated in trade and Americans lost millions of jobs. He pointed out that President Trump was the first president to stand up to that. 

He also clarified on his claim from his previous interview with Fox News that the trade deal was over by saying that that even though the CCP government could catch up the purchases by the end of the year if wanted to keep their word, but the trade deal wasn’t really a trade deal, it was about getting China to stop stealing American intellectual properties, including the vaccine development for the China virus, and forced transfer of technology, and even worse, an information warfare that they have waged against the US. 

In the end, Navarro hinted that President Trump or his Chief of Staff will be taking a series of actions over the next several weeks to hold China accountable for the damage to the American people. 


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