Communist Party demolished his 18.5 million mansion. He responded: Party is right!

“Party is right! (for tearing down my mansion) ” It’s what the owner of this 130 million RMB (USD18.5 million) mansion said on Oct 30, when the government under the Chinese Communist Party regime took down the building through forced demolition in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, China, a city probably no Americans can find on the map. To be precise, these are the exact words translated “The (Communist) Party is right to demolish it. I didn’t build it according to the Party’s Building Codes. I should and will support the work of the Party.”

Seven years ago, it was the same city, with a population over 100,000 and just 50 kilometers (30 miles) from Shanghai across the Yangtze River, saw a successful protest against the government’s decision to put a paper mill in the area that releases toxic water. The city has seen significant growth in wealth in the past decade or so. Many people were lifted of poverty, thanks to the Economic Reform as claimed by the ruling Chinese Communist Party. What seemed to be an economic wonder, “The China Model,” is now admired by many in the United States. Yet, the wealth that took years of hard work to accumulate can disappear by the same organization that created it with a snap of fingers. But the Communist Party is telling mainland Chinese continuously during their lives: “the Party is ALWAYS right.” While tens of millions died of unnatural causes from starvation, in labor camps, and political struggles. The Chinese people seem to have no common sense, as this 130 million mansion owner had demonstrated, who would not spend peanuts on complying with building codes when it all started. That’s why everyone needs the Party. 

But if you think this happens only in communist China, the reality is a lot closer at home. At the time of this writing, YAHOO just published an article titled “Why the NBA really needs China.” For a single “Fight for Freedom” Tweet from the general manager Daryl Morey of the Houston Rockets, the Chinese Communist Party is cranking up its massive propaganda machine to counter any speech regarding what’s happening in Hong Kong. NBA, as an American attitude, kowtowed to the communist regime because of its profitable franchise in China. NBA and Rockets’ merchandise was pulled from stores and on Alibaba, and at the same time, Tencent canceled the streaming service. NBA star player James Lebron sincerely apologized to the Party. So now comes the time, if you want an economic miracle in the United States and to be as wealthy as the Chinese in a short time, don’t ruffle the feather of the Chinese Communist Party. 

Here is one thing more disturbing. The NBA is similar to this billionaire whose house tore down by the Party, for the tough reality that the Chinese Communist Party can confiscate the NBA’s property in China for whatever law. (End)

BY: GM53 & GM09 & GM22

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