House Speaker Pelosi denounces Hong Kong National Security law


On July 1, at the House Foreign Affairs hearing on new national security law in Hong Kong, House Speaker Pelosi said

“hearing what is happening in Hong Kong in terms of this law, the concern that I have which there may not be an answer to here, we’ll see….Do they go back to any flying of the flags or making up statements or is there from now forward?  Which will be horrible enough. But that is the fear that I have. I want to thank our witnesses, Mr. Lin, Mr. Petersen, Mr. Leung and Nathan. Once again and again, he has courageously testified and say to them that I think the highest compliment they could receive.”

Translator:【流浪者】   Proofreader:【jamie(文胤)】 【GM31】 Subtitle:【小粉紅】

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