500 CCP Officials Raped Minors for Over 8,000 Times

Not long after the incident of the collapse of the Xinjia Hotel, which was used as COVID-19 quarantine site, the Committee for Discipline Inspection staffs in collaboration with the State Council Investigation Team stumbled upon a horrific “cold case” that more than 500 Quanzhou’s CCP officials collectively raped underaged girls from local elementary and middle schools for more than 8,000 times. The vile nature of the case far exceeds the collapse of the hotel itself. People who understood the case revealed that even the Japanese soldiers during invasion of China in World War II did not commit such a heinous crime. What is even more staggering is that the case was initially investigated in 2018, however, Kang Tao, the Secretary of the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee ordered the local disciplinary committee staff to stop investigating the case, which caused strong indignation among the family members of victims!

According to insiders, after the hotel collapsed, the Committee for Discipline Inspection staffs in collaboration with the State Council Investigation Team accidentally discovered the case documents of local officials collectively gang raped elementary and middle school girls, hidden deep in the file cabinet,  during the search of the office of the deputy captain Wang of Quanzhou Licheng Public Security Brigade.  Under pressure from the case handler, Wang confessed that Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Kang Tao disallowed the Quanzhou authorities to investigate the case involving CCP officials’ gang rape of minors.  Currently, the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department has intervened and arrested another deputy captain of the Licheng Public Security Brigade involved in the case, and Zeng Quansheng, deputy inspector general of the Licheng District Procuratorate.  The senior officials of the Fujian Public Security Department are also involved in this case as offenders.

This is another more serious case of a mass rape of underaged girls in primary and middle schools compared to the case that 18 CCP officials raped minors in Quanzhou in 2009. 
More than 500 CCP officials are involved in this case, including hundreds of cadres at the division level, and more than 8,000 minors fell into victims! According to the internal staff in charge of the investigation office, this case may be the largest case of gang rape of underaged girls since the founding of the Chinese Communist Party!

The investigation found that for a long time, the gang member Huang Rongrong has been colluding with gangs to coerce the underaged girls who are not even 14 years old, primarily from Quanzhou No. 9 Middle School, No. 15 Middle School, Quanzhou No. 7 Middle School, Jinshan Campus and Licheng Experimental Primary School, into the Peninsula Hotel and Xinjia Hotel and Quanzhou CCP officials and businessmen raped so-called “prostitutes” because they took pleasure in gathering and raping a large number of virgins and minors! The gang member Huang  was worried about the potential “troubles” that might be brought forward by victims’ parents, thus Huang deliberately targeted minors from single-parent households, or minors with elders as guardians or minors left behind because their parents had to work far from their hometown. The information on cell phones and computers held by the public security shows that one of the main suspects Huang has been using virgins to pay tribute to Quanzhou CCP officials and businessmen for more than 8,000 times in the past 10 years.

It is not the first case that CCP officials are involved in raping minors since the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, but the number of offenders and victims involved in this case far exceeds all the previous cases. The investigation of the collapse of the Xinjia Hotel yields no result so far because it falls into CCP’s tug a war power game as expected. Kang Tao, the secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, who is primarily responsible for the cover-up, receives no prosecution or punishment. The secretary of the Licheng city, Liu Linshuang, who was the former secretary of He Lifeng received merely a benign warning within CCP. More interestingly, the chief of the construction of the Licheng District, Zhang Wing has been bailed out through “networking” with the accident investigation team of the State Council! This is how CCP treats its motherland blossoms: sexual tools of CCP only!


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