Jailed Australian-Hong Konger believe justice will still prevail

During the strike on 12 Nov 2019, Rebecca Louise Nunan, an Australian-Hong Konger, was accused of throwing bricks on police from a footbridge of Central’s Exchange Square. In the end, no one was hurt. She admitted the charge and was then sentenced to jail for three months.

Shiu Ka-chun, the legislator for the Social Welfare’s constituency, posted an open letter and a drawing from Nunan on Facebook. Nunan encouraged Hongkongers to insist on all “5 Demands” and wrote, “Justice must prevail, one day!”

Her drawing includes a long-haired female protestor with helmet, goggles and respirator mask, as well as the gesture of “5 Demands, No 1 Less”.

In her letter, she said she is very grateful for the encouragements she received, which support her through this darkness in prison.

Her drawing is to express that the regime can take away freedom, but cannot destroy beliefs, justice will prevail.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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