Reading the Declaration is the glory of a lifetime

Dictation: Xuan Tiansheng; Edited by Giselle;

Translation:Gan-en; PR: TCC; Page: pawn

Reading the Declaration is the glory of a lifetime

Hao Haidong: I am standing right here today because I, Hao Haidong, has never played a match-fixing game nor done anything harmful to the soccer industry. Although we are not as rich as some affluent people, we have no worries about basic needs, like food and clothing, and we don’t struggle to survive.

Ye Zhaoying: Many people think that we must be ostracised or psychologically traumatized.

Hao Haidong: I have never been wronged by anyone. It would be least possible from my teammates because no one dares. No one has the ability because I, Hao Haidong, was the one who scored. When I was 10 years old, I played with people who were 12 or 13 years old. At age 18, I was the main player of the Bayi Team. I scored 5 goals in 8 games.

Ye Zhaoying: In sport teams, when new coaches or head coaches arrive, they always first communicate with the best athletes and bribe them. As soon as the coaches got these top athletes’ support, no one else in the team would dare be disobedient.

Hao Haidong: From 1992 to 2004, I have been the coach of the national team for over ten years. I participated in 4 World Cup qualifiers and we advanced once.

From 1995 to 1997, the Chinese national soccer team was ranked 39th or 41st in the world. The Chinese national team has won the third and the second places in the Asian Cup. Among all the players of the national team in the A-level tournament, I ranked the first in total goals. I scored 41 goals.

One year, the leader of the Soccer Association called me and asked where I was. I said that I am in Shanghai. He said that Liu Yandong would like me to meet “people” in Zhongnanhai tomorrow. He told me that I was not on the list originally, but the Soccer Association recommended me. I thought to myself this was all bullshit. I said I was sorry and I really can’t go back.

All we need to do is to expose the dark side of the system. Let us not allow our people and our future to be enslaved again. Because I have had enough!

An Hong: I admire you two very much. I think the 1.4 billion domestic compatriots, including those overseas, would be very shocked. Nobody would expect Mr. Hao Haidong who read the Declaration, and I didn’t expect that Ms. Ye Zhaoying is such a beautiful lady. The two of you just married last year. By seeing you, we feel the glory of the life: on one hand, it is your personal talent and hard work; on the other hand, you two are finally able to come together with the same views.

Ms. Ye Zhaoying is a world champion. I have always remembered Ms. Zhao Ying’s heroic pose, because I also like to play table tennis and badminton. I was also a super fan of Ye Zhaoying when I was young. I had participated in the school team but withdrew due to injury. I very much agree with what you just shared with us about the disadvantages of the sports industry under the CCP system. This has absolutely nothing to do with money or reputation. As a fan of the soccer and badminton, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to both of you. You can stand up under this circumstance. This courage can definitely inspire all 1.4 billion compatriots and all overseas Chinese.

Luther: It will go down in history.

Ye Zhaoying: There will always be people who stand up. If we don’t stand up, others will. It’s just a coincidence. God gave us this opportunity.

Hao Haidong: I am particularly pleased and grateful for my wife’s support, and we share the same views. A man would be the loneliest man if he was not supported by his family, wife, and children when he makes the most important decision of his life. Today, I want to tell all Chinese people that I, Hao Haidong, has no regrets in my life. Because there is such a person who understands me, supports me, and stands up with me at this important moment. At that time, I said to her, “don’t come.”. She said, “no. Shall I let you face these pressures alone?”

By standing up today, Hao Haidong wanted to tell the whole world and the Chinese people that you can no longer be enslaved by the Communist Party. They are all wrong in brainwashing you. They have taken away the love within the family, between parents, siblings and couples. People don’t trust each other and defame each other. This is so-called “(the CCP) fighting with the heaven and the people is endlessly fun.” This has destroyed our basic moral system as human beings in this society. I felt down to earth that I was able to stand here to speak. I felt down to earth, especially after reading the Declaration.

An Hong: The two of you standing up today will absolutely shock the world. This explosive power will certainly awaken many people. So I would like to ask you a question. Which one is more interesting to you, becoming Mr. Soccer or being the Himalayan ambassador to bear this historical mission and read out the Declaration?

Hao Haidong: Today, Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying have made the biggest and most correct choice in our lives and got the highest honor. This is our greatest glory! Today, reading the Declaration of the New Federal state of China is the most magnificent task in my life!

Luther: Before reading the Declaration, I saw Mr. Haidong closed his eyes and meditated. I was very excited. I was thinking that he was not even excited when he went to play the World Cup.

Hao Haidong: You are right. I wasn’t excited, and I never was when I went to play the World Cup.

Ye Zhaoying: Luther, let me tell you a story. Just after I finished my makeup, Mr. Hao suddenly came over and said, “can you help me to powder my face?

Hao Haidong: I always wear shorts attending the CCTV interviews. One year, the host of the Spring Festival Gala invited me to be on the show. I said, “OK, but I need to be paid for 200,000 yuan!” They said, “Haidong, everyone else wants to be on the show and gives us money, but you want us to give you money!” I said, “why should I be grateful to you? I made myself successful and famous. Your CCTV need to increase ratings, so you need to pay me upfront. Those people give you money to be on the show, but I won’t.” This is the basic dignity and moral of a human being. But the Communist Party has got it backward, and it (the CCP) cannot be allowed to go on like this anymore.

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