Ye Zhaoying I didn’t fix that game voluntarily

Dictation: knife-cut noodles; Edited by Giselle;

Translated by: Wang, no shoulder replacement;

PR: Patrick; Page: yezioye

Ye Zhaoying: I didn’t fix that game voluntarily

Luther: Has it occur to you that everything about you will disappear on the Baidu search engine? Are you afraid all the character attacks against you and the closing of your Weibo account? Are you worried? How about your wife?

Hao Haidong: That’s life and I think everything happen for a reason. I believe that the decisions we have made are correct. Be it on our country, our future, ourselves, our children and their children.

We made the best and just decision today. I fully expect the slander and pressure coming our way, but you only live once.

Luther: That is great. Let me ask you, Ms. Yeh: You are the world badminton champion. You were a goddess to us while we were in college! Many badminton players back then tried to imitate your aggressive style.

We all know the controversial game fixing in the 2000 Sydney Olympic where you let Gong Zhichao in the semi-final. What was the real reason? Did you do it on your own?

Ye Zhaoying: Of course I didn’t do it on my own. Which athlete doesn’t want to win the gold medal in the Olympic? The game fixing has been a shameful tradition not only in the badminton team, it has been around since the previous generation table tennis players such as Li Furong and Xu Yunshen.

The so-called dedication for the collective, for the country, in fact, is all for the officials. Fixing games has become a tool for them to keep their jobs and status. Around 1998, some coaches, and most of the athletes, including some leading players jointly sued Li Yongbo, saying that he embezzled athletes’ price money. The incident was exposed in media but disappeared after a short time.

Li Yongbo has been the head coach since 1993, At that time, he was actually the deputy coach without a head coach, so he was the big guy. Everything was his call. He even launched a Li Yongbo brand, including a series of products such as sportswear and badminton racquets.

He announced one day after the morning exercise that anyone who would wear his brand of sportswear can pick it up at his office. I think everyone did except me. I guess he started to hate me since then because I am the only one who doesn’t kiss his ass.

Luther: I remembered at that time he learned that you signed a petition against him?

Ye: Yes, it was Dong Jiong. We all went to a game except Dong Jiong. She did not go with us and stayed in Beijing. Li Yongbo asked Dong Jiong and she told him everything. When we came back from the game, Li Yongbo called me to his office.

He asked:”I heard you guys signed a petition, were you in it?”I said yes. He asked:”Who else signed it?”I said:”I can’t tell you.”And that’s that. I think he must be furious but there’s nothing he could do. Because I was the top player and he needed me in the team so he couldn’t do anything to me.

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