CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP159(July 2, 2020)


By VOG Video News Team


-Hong Kong: Starting from July 1, public servants who acquired foreign nationality or permanent residency will be fired. Those with dual nationalities will be severely punished.

-Fox:The Federal Communications Commission today designated Chinese telecom companies Huawei and ZTE as national security threats.

-Australia:The only way to understand Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s two big defence “spend-a-thons” is that Australia must quickly muscle up against communist China says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

-10,800 assault weapon parts seized in Louisville.Officers inspected the items which came from China. They were headed to a home in Melbourne, Florida.

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1 month ago

Yangtze River Flood #1 in China. Plus a 4.6 earthquake occurred in Yangtze River area of China today! And more rain warnings and more flooding..53,000 cubic meters per second incoming into Three Gorgesarea, only 35,600 cubic meters per second exiti ng via opened spill ways. Height 146.97 at base of dam. Not good. Waring on landslides which will increase issues as well in containment areas of the river(s). See–1-in-2020%22-was-formally-formed.Skf3pIkiAL.html