Watch out, Hongkongers! The Darkest Days are Coming!

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The Hong Kong police made their first arrest under the National Security Law just hours after it became effective. Tens of thousands of protestors gathered in Causeway Bay area this afternoon to continue fighting for their freedoms on the 23rd anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997. The first man was arrested in violation of the National Security Law for his act of carrying a flag with the message of “Hong Kong Independence”.  He was labeled as “secessionist” for his deliberate attempt to divide Hong Kong from China. A reporting agency, claimed the man wrote words “Not to” in small fonts ahead of “Hong Kong Independence”; however, the complete picture of the flag was published in mosaic. It was also reported that the man was wearing a shirt with secessionist messages. Li Jiachao, secretary for the Security Bureau, responded to the first arrest that the Hong Kong police have the authority to arrest, investigate, and search anyone for any activates as long as they have reasonable doubts under the National Security Law1

A total number of over 380,000 protestors went on the street today. The Hong Kong police cited the National Security Law for the first time with messages on a purple flag. The message claimed it a violation of the National Security Law to hold up banners or shout slogans with the calling for independence2. Per the latest press release by the Hong Kong police, they had arrested around 370 people as at 10pm local time, among which 10 people were in breach of the National Security Law. The other various charges included “unlawful assembly, disorderly conduct in a public place, furious driving and possession of offensive weapon”3.


Today marks the prelude of the darkest days of Hong Kong. The National Security Law took away the already limited democracy and freedoms from all Hong Kong citizens. The promised “one country, two systems” no longer exists. From now on, any activity deemed to threaten the CCP would be made a criminal offense. Even the very basic human rights to participate in peaceful protests with activities such as holding up banners and shouting slogans are considered illegal under the National Security Law. The law was imposed in the name of restoring stability and safety in Hong Kong, but it does just the opposite.

Moreover, the CCPs stretched its claws to foreign nationals around the world. Per Article 38, the Law applies to offenses committed outside Hong Kong by a person who is not a permanent resident. In other words, the CCP could consider an activity illegal wherever the related person is. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned this clause “outrageous and an affront to all nations” 4. The CCP did not conceal its intention to enforce totalitarianism to world.

In the past year, the CCP had been suppressing the peaceful protests in Hong Kong with severe violence and arbitrary detentions. Innocent citizens were tortured, raped, and thrown into the sea. It conducted all these crimes regardless of world condemnation. With the National Security Law in hand, it’s unimaginable what humanitarian disasters the CCP would create.


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