Training material for the Chinese entrepreneurs leaked

Private property: 0. Your life: 1.


It has always been the essence of the tax system under the Chinese Communist Party. Ever since the CCP took over China in 1949, countless private business people have been executed, private wealth taken, and their families destroyed. And if that was not enough, door to door search and confiscation of anything valuable was launched by the CCP (Now happening in Hong Kong.) And yet, the CCP’s success to political power in China was not without the support of the private businesses, the capitalists as the CCP called them, and the Chinese people. Unfortunately, this is a brutal reminder of what the Chinese Communist Party truly is. If you want to live, turn everything you work so hard for the state and the Party. And if you have any doubt what your life is worth, then take what the CCP explains to you: You belong to the state, and the state owns everything. You can keep whatever the state decides to be left. It is time for the United States and the world to wake up and realize that the CCP is an imminent threat to the civilization the world has achieved today. Just as Miles Kwok has been pointing out, ” In China, the Party comes first, your family second. Everything in your life belongs to the Party”. When China dominates the world, represented solely by the Chinese Communist Party, what has happened to the Chinese people in the past 70 years will be the future for the world.

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:-) Oct. 31, 2019