The Hawaii Meeting Triggered the Death of the CCP


Mr. Miles Guo revealed that what triggered the Americans to make their mind to take down the CCP is the Hawaii meeting. On the contrary to what had been reported about Yang Jiechi coming to Hawaii to Kowtow to America, he actually tried to lecture the US officials how well the CCP had managed its people and the virus in China and how incapable the US government had been in managing the virus and ANTIFA in the US, implying that the US should let someone else manage its country. Yang also blamed the US for allowing the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to be established in Manhattan and its flag and plane to fly over the Chinese Consulate in the New York City for hours on June 4th. He then tried to use the so-called Phase Two Trade Deal and vaccines in exchange for 16 key people behind the NFSC to be deported to China so that the US and China can continue their “good” relationship.

Translator:【茶奶奶】Subtitle:【Vinzo】【相机过热啊】Video transcoding:【恒久忍耐】

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The CCP cannot be trusted under circumstance. They are full of misdirection and lies. The entire world knows what a criminal entity the CCP are. But most countries now have to deal with the fact they sold their souls to the Devil / the CCP by partaking in the Belt & Road scam.
I would rather a bullet to the head in defence of freedom than a CCP vaccine to the arm.